Meskout Re-Elected as President of African Continent

By United World Wrestling Press

Fouad Meskout was re-elected president of the African Continent at the Congress of the Continental Council UWW Africa held on April 25.

A speech was delivered by United World Wrestling president Nenad Lalovic in which he acknowledged the efforts made by Meskout to develop the sport on a continental level and in particular the construction of the New Continental Center African Union of UWW of El Jadida Morocco.

Voting Results:

Fouad Meskout: 32 votes (Morocco)
Chebah Rabah: 29 Votes (Algeria)
Mbedy Sissa: 29 votes (Cameron)
Mohamed Mahmoud Elsayed: 28 votes (Egypt)
Austin Edeze: 28 votes (Nigeria)
Elh Boubacar Ganda Seydou: 27 votes (Niger)
Allah Jabo Suleiman Cabo Owlo: 27 votes (Sudan)
Manie Van Den Berg: 06 votes (South Africa)