Kiss, Lorincz win bronzes, put Hungary in second at worlds

By Tim Foley

BUDAPEST, HUNGARY (September 21) – Viktor LORINCZ (HUN) and Balasz KISS (HUN) won a pair of bronze medals for Hungary putting the hosts in second place on the penultimate day of the Wrestling World Championships on Saturday, September 22.

With only one day and competition in three weight categories remaining at Papp Laszlo Budapest Sports Arena, Hungary has 24 points from three bronze medals, one point behind Russia and only two four points in front of tradition Greco-Roman powers Armenia and Azerbaijan.

World University Games champion Nikita MELNIKOV (RUS) edged European champion and archrival Artur ALEKSANYAN (ARM), 1-1 on criteria, in the final at 96kg to give Russia the lead in the team rankings heading into Sunday’s final day of competition.

Earlier, Ivo ANGELOV (BUL) edged IVAN KULYAKOV (RUS) in a repeat of their 60kg final at the European championships in March and Taleb Nariman NEMATPOUR (IRI) defeated Saman Ahman TAHMASEBI (AZE) at 84kg in a meeting for former teammates and rivals in Iran.

Wrestling in Greco-Roman concludes on Sunday, September 22, with competition in weight categories 66kg, 74kg and 120kg, bringing the curtain down on the 2013 world championships.

60kg – In the gold medal final, Universiade champion Ivan KUYLAKOV (RUS) scored single points with a pair of back-arching throws in the first period. In the second period, however, he was placed in par terre and gave European Ivo ANGELOV (BUL) a point from a leg penalty.

Given a second chance, ANGELOV took the lead with a tight gut wrench which he made stand for a 3-2 victory and his first world title.

In the bronze medal finals, 2012 Asia bronze medal winner WOO Seung-Joo (KOR) captured a front headlock in par terre and threw Edward BARSEGJAN (POL) over for three points midway through the first period on his way to a 7-0 technical fall.

In an all-central Asia encounter, Asia champion Elmurat TASMURADOV (UZB) erupted for a series of gut wrenches in the second period to roar from behind and claim an 11-6 triumph over 2011 world silver medalist Almat KEBISPAYEV (KAZ).

84kg – Asian Games champion Taleb Nariman NEMATPOUR (IRI) uncorked a front headlock and throw-over for a 2-0 lead at the intermission.  Two-time Olympian Saman Ahman TAHMASEBI (AZE) scored a lift and turn from the par terre position for a 3-2 lead.

With time ticking away, NEMATPOUR went back to the front headlock for another turn -- this time for three points – and the victory.

Universiade bronze medalist Javid HAMZATAU (BLR) scored a late shuck and go-behind takedown to erase an earlier gut wrench by London 2011 Olympic Games bronze medalist Damian JANIKOWSKI (POL) and win a 2-2 decision on last-point criteria.

Viktor LORINCZ (HUN) hammered away on veteran Rami HIETANIEMI (FIN) and received a penalty point early in the second period. HIETANIEMI, a 2011 world bronze medalist, had one last chance in par terre to reverse the match, but LORINCZ stepped over his gut wrench attempt for a point and the match.

96kg – European champion Artur ALEKSANYAN (ARM) forces his rival out-of-bounds for a quick 1-0 lead but gives the point back with a penalty in par terr.  Nikita MELNIKOV (RUS) followed with a gut wrench for one point and lead, but ALEKSANYAN got another force-out to draw level at 2-2.

In the final 15 seconds, ALEKSANYAN appeared to believe that he had the tie-breaker with the last point.  Instead, MELNIKOV enjoyed the advantage with fewer penalties, 1-2, during the bout.  Despite the shouts from his corner, ALEKSANYAN seemed to be content to protect his “advantage,” only to learn he had lost when time expired.

In the bronze medal matches, 2009 world champion Balasz KISS (HUN) earned a force-out point in the first period, then scored with a bodylock going out of bounds for three points as he ran over Universiade bronze medal winner Mahdi ALIYARIFEIZABADI (IRI), 5-3.

Former European bronze medalist Shalva GADABADZE (AZE) scored one point with an arm throw attempt and then in par terre picked up another point with a gut wrench to edge Norikatsu SAIKAWA (JPN), 2-1.

Final Results, World Wrestling Championships



Gold medal final

Ivo ANGELOV (BUL) df. Ivan KUYLAKOV (RUS), 3-2

Bronze medal finals

WOO Seung-Jae (KOR) df. Edward BARSEGIAN (POL) by TF, 7-0=4:04

Elmurat TASMURADOV (UZB) df. Almat KEBISPAYEV (KAZ), 11-6


Ivo ANGELOV (BUL) df. WOO Seung-Jae (KOR), 1-0

Ivan KUYLAKOV (RUS) df. Almat KEBISPAYEV (KAZ) by TF, 6-0


Kristijan FRIS (SRB) df. Juan Carlos LOPEZ (COL) by TF, 7-0

Edward BARSEGIAN (POL) df. Kristijan FRIS (SRB) by fall, 2:07

Dmytro TSYMBALIUK (UKR) df. Aleksan MIKAYELYAN (ARM) by disq., 2:53

Elmurat TASMURADOV (UZB) df. Dmytro TSYMBALIUK (UKR) by TF, 7-0=4:48

Elmurat TASMURADOV (UZB) df. Kazuma KURAMOTO (JPN) by TF, 8-0=1:50


Ivo ANGELOV (BUL) df.  Edward BARSEGIAN (POL), 8-4

WOO Seung-Jae (KOR) df. David THIELKE (USA), 7-4

Almat KEBISPAYEV (KAZ) df. Tarik BELMADANI (FRA) by fall

Ivan KUYLAKOV (RUS) df. Kazuma KURAMOTO (JPN) by TF, 9-0=1:09

Round of 16

Ivo ANGELOV (BUL) df. Kristijan FRIS (SRB) by TF, 7-0


David THIELKE (USA) df. SINGH RAVINDER (IND) by fall, 4:40

WOO Seung-Jae (KOR) df. Tobias SKALS (DEN) by TF, 9-0


Almat KEBISPAYEV (KAZ) df. Virgil MUNTEANU (ROU) by fall

Ivan KUYLAKOV (RUS) df. Elmurat TASMURADOV (UZB) by TF, 7-0=4:54

Kazuma KURAMOTO (JPN) df. Ismael BORRERO MOLINA (CUB) by TF, 12-3=1:38

Round of 32

Kristijan FRIS (SRB) df. Muise SOTO (PAN) by fall

Ivo ANGELOV (BUL) df. Juan Carlos LOPEZ (COL) by TF, 7-0=2:12

Raiber RODRIGUEZ OROZCO (VEN) df. Rubin MONIZ (POR) by TF, 6-1=2:01

Edward BARSEGIAN (POL) df. Diego RIBEIRO ROMANELLI (BRA) by TF, 8-0=2:12

David THIELKE (USA) df. Christos THEODORAKIS (GRE) by TF, 9-4

SINGH RAVINDER (IND) df .Erbol KALABAEYU (BLR) by fall, 4:03

Tobias SKALS (DEN) df.ZHOU Jingjie (CHN), 6-3

WOO Seung-Jae (KOR) df. Kamran MAMMADOV (AZE), 4-0

Tarik BELMADANI (FRA) df. Istvan LEVAI (SVK) by TF, 8-1=5:03

Frunze HARUTYUNYAN (SWE) df. Francisco ENCARNACION (DOM), 5-2

Virgil MUNTEANU (ROU) df. Victor MENDEZ HIDALGO (MEX), 2-0

Almat KEBISPAYEV (KAZ) df. Alberto MENDIETA FUENTES (NCA) by TF, 7-0=1:41

Ivan KUYLAKOV (RUS) df. Dmytro TSYMBALIUK (UKR), 6-5

Elmurat TASMURADOV (UZB) df. Aryk MEVLUT (TUR), 6-5

Ismael BORRERO MOLINA (CUB) df. Istvan KOVAK (HUN), 6-0

Kazuma KURAMOTO (JPN) df. Mohammad Naser NOURBAKHSH (IRI) by TF, 10-2=1:38

Preliminary bout

Ivan KUYLAKOV (RUS) df. Aleksan MIKAYELYAN (ARM) by TF, 7-0

Elmurat TASMURADOV (UZB) df. Tonimir SOKOL (CRO) by TF, 6-3

Aryk MEVLUT (TUR) df. Mouatez DIEDAIET (ALG) by injury default, 1:57

Istvan KOVAK (HUN) df. Arsen ERALIEV (KGZ), 2-2 criteria

Ismael BORRERO MOLINA (CUB) df. Stig Andre BERGE (NOR), 5-2

Kazuma KURAMOTO (JPN) df. Revaz LASHKHI (GEO) by disq., 4:07

Mohammad Naser NOURBAKHSH (IRI) Donior ISLAMOV (MDA) by fall


Gold medal final

Taleb Nariman NEMATPOUR (IRI) df. Saman Ahman TAHMASEBI (AZE), 5-3

Bronze medal finals

Javid HAMZATOV (BLR) df. Damian JANIKOWSKI (POL), 2-2 criteria=last point

Viktor LORINCZ (HUN) df. Rami HIETANIEMI (FIN), 2-0


Taleb Nariman NEMATPOUR (IRI) df. Damian JANIKOWSKI (POL), 5-2

Saman Ahman TAHMASEBI (AZE) df. Rami HIETANIEMI (FIN) by TF, 6-0=0:35


Javid HAMZATOV (BLR) df. Alexander BRAZON BRAVO (VEN) by disq.

Javid HAMZATOV (BLR) df. Nursultan TURSYNOV (KAZ) by TF, 7-0=2:32


Viktor LORINCZ (HUN) df. Giorgi TSIREKIDZE (GEO) by TF, 7-0=3:45


Damian JANIKOWSKI (POL) df. Maksim MANUKYAN (ARM), 7-2

Taleb Nariman NEMATPOUR (IRI) df. Nursultan TURSYNOV (KAZ) by TF, 8-0=2:10

Saman Ahman TAHMASEBI (AZE) df. Giorgi TSIREKIDZE (GEO) by TF, 7-0=2:16

Rami HIETANIEMI (FIN) df. Nenad ZUGAJ (CRO), 3-2

Round of 16

Maksim MANUKYAN (ARM) df. Dorin PIRVAN (ROU) by fall

Damian JANIKOWSKI (POL) df. Erik APS (EST) by TF, 7-0

Taleb Nariman NEMATPOUR (IRI) df. Javid HAMZATOV (BLR), 6-0

Nursultan TURSYNOV (KAZ) df. PENG Fei (CHN), 8-5

Giorgi TSIREKIDZE (GEO) df. Rustam ASSAKALOV (UZB), 3-2

Saman Ahman TAHMASEBI (AZE) df. Viktor LORINCZ (HUN), 5-0

Rami HIETANIEMI (FIN) df. Jordan HOLM (USA) by TF, 8-0=5:33

Nenad ZUGAJ (CRO) df. Fisnik ZAHITI (SWE) by disq., 3:51

Round of 32

Dorin PIRVAN (ROU) df. Azat BEISHEBEKOV (KGZ), 2-0

Maksim MANUKYAN (ARM) df.Tarek ABDEL SALAM (EGY) by TF, 9-0=0:56

Erik APS (EST) df. Singh HARPREET (IND), 6-0

Damian JANIKOWSKI (POL) df. Ilias BOUKIS (GRE) by fall, 2:13

Taleb Nariman NEMATPOUR (IRI) df. Alexander BRAZON BRAVO (VEN) by TF, 8-0

Javid HAMZATOV (BLR) df. Laimutis ADOMAITIS (LTU), 4-3

Nursultan TURSYNOV (KAZ) df. Artur AMOROV (CZE), 5-3

PENG Fei (CHN) df. Selcuk CEBI (TUR), 4-2

Rustam ASSAKALOV (UZB) df. Hristo MARINOV (BUL) by fall, 5:02

Giorgi TSIREKIDZE (GEO) df. Vasyl RACHYBA (UKR), 1-1 criteria

Viktor LORINCZ (HUN) df. Hanssel SALVADOR MEJIA (MEX) by TF, 7-0

Saman Ahman TAHMASEBI (AZE) df. Eugen PONOMARTSCHUK (GER), 4-0

Jordan HOLM (USA) df. Pedro GARCIA PEREZ (ESP), 4-1


Fisnik ZAHITI (SWE) df. Taichi OKA (JPN), 1-0

Nenad ZUGAJ (CRO) df. Aleksey MISHIN (RUS) by disq., 3:51

Preliminary bouts

Taichi OKA (JPN) df. Jure KUHAR (SLO), 3-0

Nenad ZUGAJ (CRO) df. Michael WAGNER (AUT) by TF, 7-0

Aleksey MISHIN (RUS) df. Gilberto PIQUET HERREHA (CUB) by TF, 7-0


Gold medal final

Nikita MELNIKOV (RUS) df. Artur ALEKSANYAN (ARM), 2-2 criteria (fewer cautions)

Bronze medal finals


Shalva GADABADZE (AZE) df. Norikatsu SAIKAWA (JPN), 2-1


Artur ALEKSANYAN (ARM) df. Balazs KISS (HUN) by TF, 9-1=0:57

Nikita MELNIKOV (RUS) df. Shalva GADABADZE (AZE), 3-0




Melonin NOUMONVI (FRA) df. Daigoro TIMONCINI (ITA), 2-1

Timo KALLIO (FIN) df. Melonin NOUMONVI (FRA0, 4-3

Norikatsu SAIKAWA (JPN) df. Timo KALLIO (FIN), 1-0


Balazs KISS (HUN) df. Cenk ILDEM (TUR), 3-0

Artur ALEKSANYAN (ARM) df. Yerulan ISKAKOV (KAZ) by TF, 7-0=2:55

Shalva GADABADZE (AZE) df. Aliaksandr HRABOVIK (BLR), 1-0

Nikita MELNIKOV (RUS) df. Norikatsu SAIKAWA (JPN), 6-4

Round of 16

Balazs KISS (HUN) df. David LENGYEL (SVK) by TF, 6-0=1:14

Cenk ILDEM (TUR) df. Robert AVANESYAN (ISR), 4-0

Artur ALEKSANYAN (ARM df. Vladislav METODIEV (BUL) by TF, 80

Yerulan ISKAKOV (KAZ) df. Marin CAZAC (MDA) by TF, 10-3

Aliaksandr HRABOVIK (BLR) df. Alin ALEXUC-CIURARIU (ROU), 1-1 criteria

Shalva GADABADZE (AZE) df. Marius Hamlet NIELSEN (NOR), 1-0

Norikatsu SAIKAWA (JPN) df. LIM Ji-Young (KOR), 4-1

Nikita MELNIKOV (RUS) df. Timo KALLIO (FIN) by TF, 8-0

Round of 32

Balazs KISS (HUN) df. Yasmany LUGO CABRERA (CUB) by disq., 4:32

David LENGYEL (SVK) df. Khabibullo ABDULOEV (TJK) by TF, 14-7=5:06

Robert AVANESYAN (ISR) df. Kevin MEJIA CASTILLO (HON) by TF, 7-2

Cenk ILDEM (TUR) df. Caylor WILLIAMS (USA) by disq., 5:32

Vladislav METODIEV (BUL) df. Radoslaw GRZYBICKI (POL), 8-2


Marin CAZAC (MDA) df. Singh HARDEEP (IND), 3-1

Yerulan ISKAKOV (KAZ) df. Oliver HASSLER (GER) by fall, 3:37

Aliaksandr HRABOVIK (BLR) df. Dejan FRANKOVIC (SRB) by TF, 8-1=5:10


Marius Hamlet NIELSEN (NOR) df. Carl SCHON (SWE), 2-0

Shalva GADABADZE (AZE) df. David Vala (CZE), 5-0

LIM Ji-Young (KOR) df. Erwin CARABALLO CABRERA (VEN) by disq., 5:41

Norikatsu SAIKAWA (JPN) df. Sukhrob FATTOEV (UZB) by TF, 8-0=1:43

Nikita MELNIKOV (RUS) df. Melonin NOUMONVI (FRA) by TF, 7-0=4:47


Preliminary bouts

Norikatsu SAIKAWA (JPN) df. XIAO Di (CHN) by TF, 7-0

Nikita MELNIKOV (RUS) df. Daigoro TIMONCINI (ITA), 3-0

Melonin NOUMONVI (FRA) df. Konstantinos VOURDANOS (GRE) by TF, 7-0

Vasil IMERLISHVILI (GEO) df. Mehdi ABBASI DAZMIRI (NED) by fall, 0:55

Timo KALLIO (FIN) df. Dimitry TIMCHENKO (UKR), 2-0

Remaining Schedule for the Wrestling World Championships

September 22, Sunday

1 p.m. – 6 p.m.  Elimination rounds and repechage: GR 66kg, 74kg, 120kg

7 p.m. – 9 p.m.  Finals and awards ceremonies: GR 66kg, 74kg, 120kg