Klippan Ladies

Gray Defeats Adar to Reclaim Top Spot

By Eric Olanowski

The stars aligned for wrestling fans Sunday afternoon in Klippan, Sweden as an anticipated bout between three-time world champion Adeline GRAY (USA) and defending world champions Yasemin ADAR (TUR) delivered on the hype as the two 76kg wrestlers combined for a whopping 15 points in the finals of the Klippan Ladies Open.

Gray picked up an early 2-0 lead after scoring the first takedown of the match. “I was expecting a defensive match, but when I got in so deep and knew I could get to her legs, I adjusted the game plan,” said Gray.

Adar returned fire late in the first after hitting Gray with a beautiful four-point arm spin to take the 4-2 lead. When asked about the arm-spin, Gray said “We practiced it in the warm-up. We knew she had a great arm-spin, so kudos to her for hitting it when it mattered.”

Gray picked up the pace in the second, outscoring Adar 7-2 to win the match 9-6 and reclaim her No. 1 spot in the United World Wrestling world rankings.

“I knew I always deserved to be there," said Gray. "It was just a matter of earning it and proving it when it counted.”

Team Japan kicked off the day's finals winning back-to-back titles at 50kg and 53kg.

Yui SUSAKI (JPN) captured the 50kg title by defeating Mariya STADNIK (AZE), the two-time world and Olympic silver medalist, 2-1.

Trailing on criteria with less than 30-seconds remaining, Susaki shot a high crotch but ran out of mat space before finishing. The wrestlers barreled into the official's table with Stadnik stepping out first, giving Susaki the 2-1 lead and ultimately the win.

“I was so excited after the match because it was my first win after my December loss," said Susaki. "I knew this would be a one exchange match and I capitalized on that one exchange!”

Junior world champion Nanami IRIE (JPN)used a pair of takedowns to win the Japan-on-Japan 53kg final against Umi IMAI (JPN), 4-2.

In the 55kg finals, Stalvira ORSHUSH (RUS) stole the gold medal from Bediha GUN (TUR) after picking up a push out with one-second left. After a failed challenge from Gun, Orshush walked away with the 3-2 victory.

At 57kg, defending junior world champion Sae NANJO (JPN) scored four unanswered points to win a tightly contested battle with 2016 world silver medalist and 2017 European champion, Tetyana KIT (UKR), 2-2.

After claiming silver and bronze medals, Grace BULLEN (NOR), the 2017 European champion captured her first Klippan Lady Open title by beating Asian Indoor Games bronze medalist Akie HANAI (JPN), 3-2.

When asked about what she was looking for in the 59kg finals, Bullen said “I’ve wanted a Klippan Lady Open title for a long time. Everyone here is wrestling at their highest level.” 

Dave Schultz Memorial champion Kayla MIRACLE (USA) earned Team USA's second gold medal of the tournament after challenging a four-point call in favor of 2014 world champion Yulia TKACH (UKR). Miracle
captured the 62kg title, 3-2.

In the 65kg finals,2015 world silver medalist Petra OLLI (FIN) defeated Japan’s Miwa MORIKAWA (JPN), 5-4. 

In the all-Olympian final at 68kg, Danielle LAPPAGE (CAN) remained unbeaten as she bested Alla CHERKASOVA (UKR) in dominant fashion, 9-4. Lappage wrapped up the tournament by outscoring her opponents 24-6. 

Sweden’s lone champion was Jenny FRANSSON (SWE). The 2016 Olympic bronze medalist brought the crowd to their feet by scoring a 10-0 technical superiority victory over Russian runner-up, Tatiana KOLESNIKOVA MOROZOVA (RUS) in the finals at 72kg. 

RESULTS: http://uww.io/j9cru

GOLD - Yui SUSAKI (JPN) df. Mariya STADNIK (AZE), 3-2

BRONZE - Anzhelika VETOSHKINA (RUS) df. Patricia alejandra BERMUDEZ (ARG), 15-4
BRONZE - Emilia alina VUC (ROU) df. Amy ann FEARNSIDE (USA), 11-8

GOLD - Nanami IRIE (JPN) df. Umi IMAI (JPN), 4-2 

BRONZE - Natalia MALYSHEVA (RUS) df. Jade mariah PARSONS (CAN), 11-3
BRONZE - Sarah ann HILDEBRANDT (USA) df. Aysun ERGE (TUR), 10-0 

GOLD -  Stalvira ORSHUSH (RUS) df. Bediha GUN (TUR), 3-2 

BRONZE -  Nina MENKENOVA (RUS) df. Jacarra gwenisha WINCHESTER (USA), 5-4

GOLD -Sae NANJO (JPN) df. Tetyana KIT (UKR), 2-2

BRONZE - Alexandra ANDREEVA (RUS) df. Laura MERTENS (GER), 10-0 
BRONZE - Irina OLOGONOVA (RUS) df. Simona PRICOB (ROU), 0-0 

GOLD - Grace jacob BULLEN (NOR) df. Akie HANAI (JPN), 3-2

BRONZE - Elif jale YESILIRMAK (TUR) df. Uliana TUKURENOVA (RUS), 6-3
BRONZE - Lauren nora LOUIVE (USA) df. Kateryna ZHYDACHEVSKA (ROU), 8-2

GOLD - Kayla colleen kiyoko MIRACLE (USA) df. Yuliia TKACH OSTAPCHUK (UKR), 3-2

BRONZE - Olivia louise HENNINGSSON (SWE) df. Luzie MANZKE (GER), 10-5
BRONZE - Luisa helga gerda NIEMESCH (GER) df. Naomi RUIKE (JPN), 6-0

GOLD - Petra maarit OLLI (FIN) df. Miwa MORIKAWA (JPN), 5-4

BRONZE -  Henna katarina JOHANSSON (SWE) df. Braxton rei STONE (CAN), 10-9
BRONZE - Yulia PRONTSEVITCH (RUS) df. Forrest ann MOLINARI (USA), 2-1

GOLD Danielle suzanne LAPPAGE (CAN) df. Alla CHERKASOVA (UKR), 9-4

BRONZE - Olivia grace DI BACCO (CAN) df. Maria SELMAIER (GER), 10-0
BRONZE -  Tamyra mariama MENSAH (USA) df. Laura SKUJINA (LAT), 0-0

GOLD -  Anna jenny eva maria FRANSSON (SWE) df. Tatiana KOLESNIKOVA MOROZOVA (RUS), 10-0

BRONZE - Victoria christine FRANCIS (USA) df. Alexandra nicoleta ANGHEL (ROU)  , 4-0
BRONZE -  Rachel ann WATTERS (USA) df. Burcu UGDULER ORSKAYA (TUR), 9-3

GOLD  Adeline maria GRAY (USA) df. Yasemin ADAR (TUR), 9-6

BRONZE - Epp MAE (EST) df. Denise sabina MAKOTA STROEM STRÖM (SWE), 7-4
BRONZE -  Erica elizabeth WIEBE (CAN) df. Francy RAEDELT (GER), 10-1

Klippan Ladies

Adar and Gray Set to Clash in Klippan Finals

By Eric Olanowski

Wrestlers from ten different nations will be represented in tomorrow’s Klippan Lady Open finals. Japan leads the way with six finalists, followed by Ukraine with three. The trio of Turkey, Russia, and the United States each have a pair of finalists.

Without question, 76kg is the toughest weight class of the tournament, hosting three previous world champions and two Olympic medalists. 

In round-one, Yasemin ADAR (TUR), returning world champion faced off against 2016 Olympic champion, Eric WIEBE (CAN). Adar used the entire six minutes, picking up the go-ahead takedown with seconds left to win the match, 6-5.

She’ll wrestle three-time world champion, Adeline GRAY (USA) in the finals tomorrow afternoon. When asked about competing against Adar in tomorrow’s finals, Gray said “I’m excited to have another shot at her…I’m looking forward to getting back on top. She’s looking strong, but I’m excited to wrestle her again.”   

At 50kg, Yui SUSAKI (JPN) will try to capture back-to-back Klippan titles, but she’ll have to slow down Mariya STADNIK (AZE), the two-time world and Olympic silver medalist who was the most dominant wrestler during the first day of action. 

Through Stadnik’s first three matches, she’s outscored her opponents 32-0, including a 12-0 win over Alina Emilia VUC (ROM), the 2017 world silver medalist. 

The 53kg finals will host a duo of Japanese women in Nanami IRIE (JPN), junior world champion and 2017 Asian cadet champion, Umi IMAI (JPN). On their way to the finals, these two have outscored their opponents 37-5. 

Bediha GUN (TUR) stopped an all-Russian final at 55kg when she defeated Nina MENKENOVA (RUS), the U23 world bronze medalist in the semifinals, 3-3. Gun will wrestle Stalvira ORSHUSH (RUS), the 2018 Yarygin runner-up for the gold medal. 

Wrestling for the title at 57kg will be 2017 junior world champion Sae NANJO (JPN) and 2016 world silver medalist and 2017 European champion, Tetyana KIT (UKR). These two have only surrendered a total of three points on their way to the finals. 

When Grace BULLEN (NOR), the 2017 European champion was asked about what she’s looking for in the 59kg finals, she said: “I have a silver and bronze, now I want a gold medal.” For Bullen to capture the gold medal, she’ll have to defeat Asian Indoor Games bronze medalist, Akie HANAI (JPN).

Yulia TKACH’s (UKR) quest to win her first Klippan Lady Open title since 2015 will have to go through Dave Schultz Memorial champion, Kayla MIRACLE (USA). Miracle’s final appearance at 62kg improves on her 2014 fifth place performance. 

Wrestling in the 65kg finals will be Petra OLLI (FIN), 2015 world silver medalist and last year’s Klippan Lady Open fifth-place finisher, Miwa MORIKAWA (JPN). 

Olympians Alla CHERKASOVA (UKR) and Danielle LAPPAGE (CAN) will compete for the 68kg crown. The 68kg finalists outscored their opponents 34-5 on their way to the gold medal bout.

Sweden’s lone finalist, Jenny FRANSSON (SWE), the Olympic bronze medalist will wrestle Russian runner-up, Tatiana KOLESNIKOVA MOROZOVA (RUS) in the finals at 72kg. 

RESULTS: http://uww.io/sozMD


BRONZE - Winner 133 vs. Patricia alejandra BERMUDEZ (ARG)
BRONZE - Winner 129 vs. Amy ann FEARNSIDE (USA) 

GOLD - Nanami IRIE (JPN) vs. Umi IMAI (JPN) 

BRONZE - Winner 117 vs. Natalia MALYSHEVA (RUS)
BRONZE -  Aysun ERGE (TUR) vs. Sarah ann HILDEBRANDT (USA) 

GOLD -  Bediha GUN (TUR) vs. Stalvira ORSHUSH (RUS) 

BRONZE -  Jacarra gwenisha WINCHESTER (USA) vs. Nina MENKENOVA (RUS) 
BRONZE - Winner 143 vs. Sena NAGAMOTO (JPN) 

GOLD - Sae NANJO (JPN) vs. Tetyana KIT (UKR) 

BRONZE - Winner 131 vs. Laura MERTENS (GER) 

GOLD - Grace jacob BULLEN (NOR) vs. Akie HANAI (JPN) 

BRONZE - Winner 144 vs. Elif jale YESILIRMAK (TUR)
BRONZE -  Lauren nora LOUIVE (USA) vs. Kateryna ZHYDACHEVSKA (ROU) 

GOLD - Yuliia TKACH OSTAPCHUK (UKR) vs. Kayla colleen kiyoko MIRACLE (USA)

BRONZE - Winner 132 vs. Olivia louise HENNINGSSON (SWE) 
BRONZE - Winner 119 vs. Luisa helga gerda NIEMESCH (GER) 

GOLD -  Petra maarit OLLI (FIN) vs. Miwa MORIKAWA (JPN) 

BRONZE - Winner 120 vs. Henna katarina JOHANSSON (SWE) 
BRONZE - Winner 145 vs. Yulia PRONTSEVITCH (RUS)

GOLD - Danielle suzanne LAPPAGE (CAN) vs. Alla CHERKASOVA (UKR)

BRONZE - Winner 146 vs. Olivia grace DI BACCO (CAN)
BRONZE -  Tamyra mariama MENSAH (USA) vs. Laura SKUJINA (LAT)

GOLD - Anna jenny eva maria FRANSSON (SWE) vs. Tatiana KOLESNIKOVA MOROZOVA (RUS

BRONZE -  Alexandra nicoleta ANGHEL (ROU) vs. Victoria christine FRANCIS (USA)
BRONZE - Winner 121 vs. Burcu UGDULER ORSKAYA (TUR)

GOLD - Yasemin ADAR (TUR) vs. Adeline maria GRAY (USA)

BRONZE - Winner 147 vs. Epp MAE (EST) 
BRONZE - Winner 135 vs. Francy RAEDELT (GER) 

12:10 PM - The first whistle for the senior-level competition is a little over an hour away. 
12:15 PM: Three matches to pay attention to in round-one 
Star-Studded Round-One Match-Ups 
50kg - Two-time world silver medalist M. STADNIK (AZE) df. 2017 world silver medalist E. VUC (ROU), 10-0. 

57kg - 2017 junior world champion S. NANJO df. 2016 world silver medalist I. OLOGONOVA (RUS), 6-0. 

76kg - World champion Y. ADAR (TUR) df. 2016 Olympic Champion Erica WIEBE (CAN), 6-5

1:16 PM - 2017 world champion Yui SUSAKI (JPN) is up now on Mat A. 
1:18 PM - Susaki picks up the 10-0 technical superiority victory early in the first period. 

1:30 PM - U23 world runner-up Braxton STONE (CAN) is up 8-1 over B. GRAHAM (CAN) on Mat A. Stone picks up a four-point throw to take the 12-1 win. 

1:34 PM Two-time Yarygin champion Tamyra MENSAH-STOCK (USA) is making her way to Mat A. Mensah-Stock takes the 4-0 lead after a right side swing single to a leg lace. Mensah-Stock finished with another takedown, giving her the 6-3 victory. 

1:45 PM - Adar and Wiebe are up in two matches over on Mat C. 

1:49 PM - T. SJOEBERG (SWE) picks up the first FIVE of the day over on Mat B. 

1:56 PM - Adar and Wiebe are up now on Mat C.
Wiebe is pushing the pace of the match midway through the first period. Adar hit with passivity and is placed on the shot clock. Wiebe takes the 1-1 lead into the second period as Adar failed to score while she was on the shot clock. Adar goes for an arm spin and Wiebe counters, extending her lead to 3-1, but the call is under review. The call is reversed and the score remains 1-1 in favor of Wiebe. Adar picks up a takedown with one minute remaining to take the 3-1 lead. Wiebe scores four off a snatch single to a leg lace and takes the 5-3 lead with 12-seconds remaining. Adar steals the match with a last-second effort to take the 6-5 win! 

2:47 PM - The last time S. NANJO (JPN) lost at an international competition was back in 2015! I. OLOGONOVA (RUS) will look to knock off the junior world champ in two matches on Mat A. 

2:50 PM - World finalist Yulia TKACH (UKR) picks up a quick fall after being up 8-0 over on Mat C. 

3:00 PM - E. VUC (ROM) and M. STADNIK (AZE) are making their way to Mat A. Stadnik is back! She uses two takedowns, and three gut wrenches to defeat Vuc, 10-0.

3:07 PM - Susaki is wrestling on Mat A! She is taking on A. VETOSHKINA (RUS). 

3:18 PM - Miwa MORIKAWA (JPN) leads U23 world runner-up Braxton STONE (CAN), 8-1 heading into the second period. 

3:36 PM - Adeline GRAY (USA), the three-time world champion is coming up next on Mat A. 

3:43 PM - The crowd erupts as Henna JOHANSSON (SWE) scores late in the second period to beat Mallory VELTE (USA), 1-1.

3:53 PM - Three-time world champion Adeline GRAY (USA)  is wrestling on Mat A and 2017 world champion Y. Adar is wrestling on Mat B. 

3:59 PM - Y. ADAR (TUR) picks up the fall and moves into the semifinals. She'll take on the winner of Francy RAEDELT (GER) v. Catalina AXENTE (ROU). 

3:59 PM - Gray also picks up the fall and moves into the 76kg semifinals. 

4:14 PM - Nanjo strikes first and heads into the second period with a 2-0 lead.She would pick up two additional takedowns, winning the match 6-0. 

4:40 PM - The #Klippan2018 semifinals will start at 5:30 PM (local time). 

4: 42 PM - Jenny FRANSSON (SWE), Olympic bronze medalist has made her way to Mat A!  Fransson uses three takedowns to defeat Alexandra ANGHEL (ROU), 6-0.

5:03 PM - 50kg 1/4 finalists - Jessica MACDONALD (CAN) and Mariya STADNIK (AZE) are making their way to Mat B. 
Stadnik takes the 9-0 lead into the second period. Stadnik picks up another takedown, giving her the 11-0 technical superiority victory. 

5:12 PM - Coming up on Mat B, Victoria ANTHONY (USA) and Yui SUSAKI (JPN) in a 50kg quarterfinal bout.  
No action from Susaki and she's put on the shot clock and immediately get to a right side high crotch to take the 2-0 lead. She heads into the second period 4-0. Susaki picked up three additional points in the second period, giving her the 7-0 victory. 

5:20 PM - That does it for the quarterfinals! We'll take a quick 10-minute break and be back for the semifinals! 


50kg - Stadnik continues her dominance, picking up a technical superiority victory in the first period to seal her spot in tomorrows finals. 

50kg - Susaki erased an early 2-0 deficit by scoring 12 unanswered points to make the 50kg finals. 

53kg - Nanami IRIE (JPN) extends her lead over Sarah HILDEBRANDT (USA) to 6-0 after a takedown and two leg laces. 

57kg - Junior world champion S. Nanjo will wrestle S. PRICOB (ROU) for a spot in tomorrows finals. 

59kg SEMIFINAL - Grace BULLEN (NOR) leads Kateryna ZHYDACHEVSKA (ROU), 6-0 on Mat C. 

59kg SEMIFINAL - Akie HANAI (JPN) df. Elif jale YESILIRMAK (TUR), 3-0.