Grappling World Championship Day 3 Recap

By Marc Berman

ASTANA, Kazakhstan (September 8th) - In a fast paced and action packed day, Team Russia stole the show, taking six gold medals in the Men’s division. Gairbeg IBRAGIMOV (RUS) defended his title in the 66kg division, winning two of four matches by submission. At 92kg, Abu GUDANATOV (RUS) showed solid wrestling and a dangerous submission game, scoring submissions in both the semifinals and finals.

At 62kg, all eyes were on Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu star Joâo MIYAO (BRA). However, Joâo did not disappoint, ultimately taking gold in the 62kg division. His strategy was clear, pull quick and look to use his dangerous guard to reverse or attack arm-locks and triangle chokes. Joâo saved his best performance of the day for the final, extending his Russian opponents arm in a nasty armlock before switching to a triangle choke to finished the job.

Team Russia was just as dominate in the Senior Women’s division, where they also took home the gold medal. Russia had grapplers in three finals matches, winning two. Irina GROMOVA (RUS) was aggressive from the feet scoring often. When the action hit the mat, Gromova was just as dangerous , scoring the submission in the 64kg final.


Quarter-Final- J. Bordignon MIYAO (BRA) defeats A. Kaidybaev (KGZ) by points (13-4)

Quarter-Final- N. Vince ORTIZ (PHI) defeats N. MYNBAYEV (KAZ) by submission

Quarter-Final- K. GOODSITE (USA) defeats D. NYKONETS (UKR) by points (6-0)

Quarter-Final- A. IASAEV (RUS)  defeats A. Colazingari (ITA) by points( 8-2)

Semi-Final -J. Bordignon MIYAO (BRA) defeats N. Vince ORTIZ (PHI) by points (9-2)

Semi-Final-A. IASAEV (RUS) defeats K. GOODSITE (USA) by points (7-2)

Final- J. Bordignon MIYAO (BRA) defeats A. IASAEV (RUS) by submission


Quarter-Final- A. YUNUSOV (UZB) defeats P. MIYAO (BRA) by disqualification

Quarter-Final- A. Tomer (ISR) defeats E. Uulu MANASBEK (KGZ) by points (3-2)

Quarter-Final- L. QUINONES (USA) defeats L. STANIKAS (LTU) by points (9-2)

Quarter-Final- G.IBRAGIMOV (RUS) defeats A. BAURZHAN (KAZ) by submission

Semi-Final -  A. TOMER (ISR) defeats A. YUNUSOV (UZB) by points (6-2)

Semi-Final- G.IBRAGIMOV (RUS) defeats L. QUINONES (USA) by submission

Final-G.IBRAGIMOV (RUS) defeats A. TOMER (ISR)  by points (8-0)


Quarter-Final- C. Lullan IORGA (ROU) defeats B. Chimol MOSHE (ISR) by points (2-0)

Quarter-Final- J.Witkowski (POL) defeats J. MORGAN (USA) by submission

Quarter-Final- D. IBRAGIMOV (KAZ) defeats A. MIRZA by criteria (0-0)

Quarter-Final- A. ZAINALKHANOV (RUS) defeats B. USENOV (KGZ) by points (3-2)

Semi-Final - J.Witkowski (POL) defeats C. Lullan IORGA (ROU) by submission

Semi-Final- A. ZAINALKHANOV (RUS) defeats  D. IBRAGIMOV (KAZ) by points (6-4)

Final- A. ZAINALKHANOV (RUS) defeats J.Witkowski (POL) by submission


Quarter-Final- D. NETKACHEV (UKR) defeats E. OMER (ISR) by submission

Quarter-Final- S. DUMINICA (ROU) defeats T. RYUSKE (JPN) by submission

Quarter-Final-  A. SHAMSHIEV (KGZ) defeats T. NOWAKOWSKI (POL) by submission

Quarter-Final-  S. RAMOS (USA) defeats T. SMIRNOVAS (LTU) by points (5-2)

Semi-Final - D. NETKACHEV (UKR) defeatsS. DUMINICA (ROU) by points (5-0)

Semi-Final- S. RAMOS (USA) defeats A. SHAMSHIEV (KGZ) by points (5-2)

Final- D. NETKACHEV (UKR) defeats S. RAMOS (USA) by points (2-2 OT)


Quarter-Final- Y. BAYSULTANOV (FRA) defeats I.POGACSAS (HUN) by points (3-0)

Quarter-Final- H. HORODETSKYI (UKR) defeats G. STEFAN (ROU) by disqualification

Quarter-Final-  D. SKIBISKI (POL) defeats H.MASAYUKI (JPN) by points (17-0)

Quarter-Final-  S. MAGOMEDOV defeats H. PURTIYEV (AZE) by submission

Semi-Final -Y. BAYSULTANOV (FRA) defeats H. HORODETSKYI (UKR) by points (6-1)

Semi-Final- S. MAGOMEDOV (RUS) defeats D. SKIBISKI (POL) by points (3-1)

Final- S. MAGOMEDOV (RUS) defeats Y. BAYSULTANOV (FRA) by points (3-2)


Quarter-Final-  C. MIRSEA (ROU) defeats C. SOTO (USA) by points (6-1)

Quarter-Final- B. OMURZAKOV (KGZ) defeats I. SERKIBAYEV (KAZ) by points 5-4

Quarter-Final-  A. GUDANATOV (RUS) defeats Y. ISICHKO (UKR) by points 7-3

Quarter-Final-  W. EDMUND (FRA) defeats I. AVRAHAM (ISR)  by points 2-1

Semi-Final -  B. OMURZAKOV (KGZ) defeats C. MIRSEA (ROU) by submission

Semi-Final- A. GUDANATOV (RUS) defeats W. EDMUND (FRA) by submission

Final-  A. GUDANATOV (RUS) defeats B. OMURZAKOV (KGZ) by points (7-2)


Quarter-Final- K. UMISKI (POL) defeats J. ANDERSON (USA) by forfeit

Quarter-Final- A. FONTES (FRA) defeats N. ISMAILOV (KGZ) by points (10-2)

Quarter-Final-  A. BILAROV (RUS) defeats K. TULESHEV (KAZ) by submission

Quarter-Final- A. HALETA (UKR) defeats C. VASILE-MICREA (ROU) by disqualification

Semi-Final - K. UMISKI (POL) defeats A. FONTES (FRA) by submission

Semi-Final- A. BILAROV (RUS) defeats A. HALETA (UKR) by submission

Final- A. BILAROV (RUS) defeats  K. UMISKI (POL) by points (8-2)


Quarter-Final- D. SOKOL (LTU) defeats I. NENCIONI (ITA) by submission

Quarter-Final- V. MATEIKO (UKR) defeats R. SARTBAYEV (KAZ) by points (11-3)

Quarter-Final- T. CLARK (USA) defeats U. NUROV (UZB) by points (7-3)

Quarter-Final-  H. STAMBULOV (RUS) defeats A ABDYLDAEV by submission

Semi-Final -  V. MATEIKO (UKR) defeats D. SOKOL (LTU) by points (5-2)

Semi-Final- H. STAMBULOV (RUS) defeats T. CLARK (USA) by points (11-1)

Final- H. STAMBULOV (RUS) defeats  V. MATEIKO (UKR) by points (9-0)

Women’s Grappling


Quarter-Final- N. ANAIANSI (ESP) defeats A. Tonelli (ITA) by submission

Quarter-Final- G. SEYDILDAYEVA (KAZ) defeats B. LAETITIA (FRA) by criteria (2-2)

Quarter-Final- A. AUGUSTYN- MITKOWSKA (POL) defeats J. PHILIPPUS (USA) by points (6-3)

Quarter-Final- S. SKRYPNK (UKR) defeats N. SAPARAI (RUS) by criteria (2-2)

Semi-Final -  N. ANAIANSI (ESP) defeats  G. SEYDILDAYEVA (KAZ) by submission

Semi-Final- S. SKRYPNK (UKR) defeats A. AUGUSTYN- MITKOWSKA (POL) by submission

Final-   N. ANAIANSI (ESP) defeats S. SKRYPNK (UKR) by points (9-0)


Quarter-Final- M.C. MASUDA (PHI) defeats G. OMAR (KAZ) by points (8-2)

Quarter-Final- B. CARIANI (ITA) defeats W. ZYGMUNT (POL) by points (6-0)

Quarter-Final- O. VLADIMIROVA (RUS) defeats K. SHAKALOVA (UKR) by points (7-0)

Quarter-Final- B. STIKKELMAN (USA) defeats M. MONTERO (ESP) by points (3-2)

Semi-Final - B. CARIANI (ITA) defeats M.C. MASUDA (PHI) by points (10-1)

Semi-Final-  O. VLADIMIROVA (RUS) defeats B. STIKKELMAN (USA) by points (6-4)

Final-  B. CARIANI (ITA) defeats  O. VLADIMIROVA (RUS) by points (3-1)


Quarter-Final- I. PAVESE (ITA) defeats R. RYSSAEYVA (KAZ) by points (7-2)

Quarter-Final-  B.UZGENBAEVA (KGZ) defeats M. Mar Gaitan GUITERREZ (ESP) by points (2-2 overtime)

Quarter-Final- T. HRYNKO (UKR) defeats S. PNIAK (POL) by points (5-3)

Quarter-Final-  I. GROMOVA (RUS) defeats C. SAFI (FRA) by points (8-3)

Semi-Final - I. PAVESE (ITA) defeats B.UZGENBAEVA (KGZ) by points (4-2)

Semi-Final-  I. GROMOVA (RUS) defeats T. HRYNKO (UKR) by points (5-0)

Final-  I. GROMOVA (RUS) defeats  I. PAVESE (ITA) by submission


RR RND 1- I. MUNGAI (ITA) defeats O. SUSKO (UKR) by submission

RR RND 1- R. ANUFRIEVA (RUS) defeats K. SAGINDYKOVA (KAZ) by submission

RR RND 2- R. ANUFRIEVA (RUS) defeats O. SUSKO (UKR) by submission

RR RND 2- I. MUNGAI (ITA) defeats K. SAGINDYKOVA (KAZ) by points (12-8)

RR RND 3-O. SUSKO (UKR) defeats  K. SAGINDYKOVA (KAZ) by submission

RR RND 3- R. ANUFRIEVA (RUS) defeats  I. MUNGAI (ITA) by submission


RR RND 1- H. KOVALSKA (UKR) defeats Z. AITMAGAMBETOVA (KAZ) by submission

RR RND 1- M. ZASZCUZUDKOWICZ (POL) defeats D. NIKOLAEVA (RUS) by points (4-3)

RR RND 2-  C. BAREE (FRA) defeats Z. AITMAGAMBETOVA (KAZ) by points (11-0)

RR RND 2- H. KOVALSKA (UKR) defeats M. ZASZCUZUDKOWICZ (POL) by submission

RR RND 3-C. BAREE (FRA) defeats M. ZASZCUZUDKOWICZ (POL) by submission

RR RND 3- D. NIKOLAEVA (RUS) defeats H. KOVALSKA (UKR) by submission

RR  RND 4- D. NIKOLAEVA (RUS) defeats C. BAREE (FRA) by points (9-1)


Grappling GI is up tomorrow, make sure you catch the action live tomorrow on in the United States and internationally on United World Wrestling.


Grappling Shines Bright in Kazakhstan as 2019 World Champions Decided

By United World Wrestling Press

NUR-SULTAN, Kazakhstan (Sept. 23 and 24) --- Athletes from 18 nations made the trip to Kazakhstan to claim individual and team world titles in No-Gi Grappling and Grappling Gi styles. The competition took place in Bary’s Arena following the Greco Roman, Women’s Wrestling and the Freestyle Wrestling World Championships. This was the second year in which Kazakhstan played host to No-gi Grappling and Grappling Gi world championships. These events are part of the lead up to Nur-Sultan hosting the 2021 World Combat Games which the Grappling styles will be a participant. 

Men’s No- Gi Grappling

In the 62KG division, Anthony Guy DE OLIVEIRA (FRA) caught the attention of many with his positional and submission expertise. Winning his first qualification match 7-0, he then scored submission victories in the Quarter and Semi-Finals to advance to a finals match showdown with Magomedbek TEMEEV (RUS). After a brief exchange on the feet, DE OLIVEIRA (FRA) pulled guard giving TEMEEV (RUS) a 2-0 lead. After defending some aggressive guard passing from the Russian, DE OLIVEIRA (FRA) was able to sweep to bring the score to 2-2. With time running short DE OLIVEIRA (FRA), was awarded 1 point for a leg lock attempt.


Dmytro Baranov (UKR) was another highlight reel at 62KG and would go on to take home a bronze medal. After falling short in the opening round against DE OLIVEIRA (FRA) in a rematch of this year's European Finals. Baranov (UKR) would score two exciting submission victories to land his spot on the podium.

Gairbeg IBRAGIMOV (RUS) capped off a dominant run at Men’s No-gi Grappling 71KG with a 15-0 technical decision in the Finals match. He used a variety of takedowns and guard passes to overwhelm his opponent. He scored submission victories over opponents from Georgia and USA on Day 1 to reach the finals.

Team Russia once again proved their dominance, putting a finalist in all 8 final’s matches. They walked away with 7 golds and 1 silver as well as the team title. Team USA advanced 4 members to medal matches with Carlos SOTO walking away with the only medal, a silver at 92KG

Women’s Grappling No-gi

Zofia Maria SZAWERNOWSKA (POL) met Kateryna SHAKALOVA (UKR) in the 58KG final. SZAWERNOWSKA (POL) jumped ahead early leading 2-0, she quickly attacked to secure the back control. SHAKALOVA (UKR) defended the back attack but got caught in a triangle choke as she worked her way out of the bad position and was again forced to defend. SHAKALOVA (UKR) found her way out of the submission attempt but, time ran out as she fell short on points 4-2.



At 64KG Meshi ROSENFELD (ISR) scored a submission victory over Iuliia TORIANSKAIA (RUS) after leading 4-3. She used an active guard during the tournament, scoring 3 submission victories, 1 victory on points and a victory by forfeit. Iuliia TORIANSKAIA (RUS) reached the final after making her Italian opponent tap-out in the Semifinals

Rimma ANUFRIEVA TROPINA (RUS) claimed her world championship title at 71KG in a come from behind victory. She trailed Magdalena Zofia LOSKA (POL) most of the match until LOSKA (POL) attacked a toe-hold. TROPINA (RUS) defended well and scrambled out and snatched up her own submission. Forcing her opponent to tap to a kneebar with less than 30 seconds remaining.

Russia once again lead all teams with 3 team members landing in the finals. Ukraine came second with 2 members in finals matches. Team France walked away with its 2nd gold medal No-gi Grappling with Claire France THEVENON’s gold medal at +71KG 

Men’s Grappling Gi

Anthony Guy DE OLIVEIRA (FRA) once again secured gold this time in Men’s Grappling Gi at 62KG. He faced off against Dmytro Baranov (UKR). Baranov (UKR) had defeated him in the finals of this year's European Championship. Tied 2-2 with 3 minutes remaining in the match, DE OLIVEIRA (FRA) hit a slick backstep pass to go-ahead 5-2.  He worked his way to the back control and finished a choke to win his 2nd gold medal of the day. Also at 62KG, hometown favorite Vladislav MUKHORTOV (KAZ) bounced back from a Quarterfinal’s points loss to submit his opponent in the bronze medal match.

Gairbeg IBRAGIMOV (RUS) had a scare early in his finals match against Abdyldabek KEKENOV (KGZ) in the 71KG final. With the matched tied 2-2, KEKENOV (KGZ) got behind IBRAGIMOV (RUS) and secured one hook from the back position forcing IBRAGIMOV (RUS) to defend his neck and back to not give up the 4 points. After scrambling back to the top position the Russian star racked up 14 more points to win big and secure his 2nd gold medal of the event.

Team Russian again advanced the most competitors to finals matches with 5, followed by team Poland with 3.  Abdurahmanhaji MURTAZALIEV made sure Kyrgyzstan walked away with gold when he submitted his opponent in the 84KG final



Women’s Grappling Gi

Zofia Maria SZAWERNOWSKA (POL) squared off against Barbara CARIANI (ITA) in the 58KG Final. SZAWERNOWSKA (POL) opted for the guard pull after a minute of standing work. CARIANI (ITA)  quickly forced her to the turtle position to avoid giving up points on the guard pass. After an exchange of leglock submissions, SZAWERNOWSKA (POL) worked her way on to the back of CARIANI (ITA) sinking in the hooks to take a 6-2 lead with 32 seconds remaining. A reversal by CARIANI (ITA) brought the score to 6-4 as time expired. Making Zofia Maria SZAWERNOWSKA (POL) champion of the world after 5 victories.

Meshi ROSENFELD (ISR) advanced past Irina GROMOVA (RUS) to win her 2nd gold medal of the day at 64KG.  ROSENFELD (ISR) pulled guard at the start of the match giving GROMOVA (RUS) the 2-0 lead. Using a slick back take from the spider-guard ROSENFELD (ISR) took a 6-4 lead. She locked in a choke and it looked as though the match would end there.  GROMOVA (RUS) displayed her toughness as she worked her way out and brought the score to 7-4. Time would run out there in an exciting finals match.