Elimination of Forced Par-Terre in Greco-Roman Wrestling at Senior Level

By United World Wrestling Press

CORSIER-SUR-VEVEY (September 28) -- As outlined in a circular to national federations and posted on the United World Wrestling website in April 2015 all senior-level Greco-Roman competitions are now being competed without forced par-terre. The rule changes went into effect after the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro and have been in effect for Cadet, Junior and U-23 wrestlers for 18 months.

Ordered par-terre for passivity is cancelled, and the following procedure will be enforced :
• first time issue a verbal warning to the passive wrestler by using UWW vocabulary without stopping the bout
• second time same wrestler is passive, referee will give 1st passivity warning, again without stopping the bout
• Third time when the same wrestler is passive, referee will give 2nd passivity warning and 1 technical point to his opponent, again without stopping the bout.
• Every further two passivity will result in 1 technical point to the opponent, all without stopping the bout