Diacon Defeats Abdulradyrov As Time Expires, Captures European Title

By Eric Olanowski

PONTEVEDRA, Spain (June 8) – The Russian Federation won a Day 6 gold medal and command the 21-point lead over Moldova heading into the final day of wrestling in Spain, but the biggest story doesn’t come to their champion. It actually comes from their 70kg runner-up Magomed ABDULKADYROV (RUS), who gifted Vasile DIACON (MDA) a European title. Abdulradyrov put himself in a perfect position to win the 70kg European title and thought he’d done so, but the score in his head didn’t match the one on the scoreboard. 

The key point in the 70kg finals came with 17 seconds left in the second period. 

Abdulradyrov controlled the 6-5 advantage when he got to a head inside single and drove Diacon out of bounds. The Russian thought he was awarded two points for the takedown but was only given one for the step out. This meant Abdulradyrov led 7-5 and not 8-5 as he expected. 

When the action resumed, Abdulradyrov shot and got his hands locked to a high crotch. What happened next confused everyone inside the arena. The Russian, who was obviously being cautious, unlocked his hands and bellied down – giving Diacon the takedown and the 7-7 lead on criteria.

As the clock hit zero, Abdulradyrov looked over to the Russia corner and fist pumped, thinking he just won the European title. Just as he did that, the Moldovan coaching staff ran on the mat to congratulate Diacon on his victory.

A clearly baffled Abdulradyrov quickly jumped to his feet and went to his corner, asking for a challenge. The Russian corner threw the cube as Abdulradyrov continued to plead his case to the referees. He repeatedly pointed towards the right side of the mat and was clearly signaling two points for the takedown near the 15-second mark. There was nothing to review, and Diacon was awarded his first European title with an 8-7 victory. 

Turan BAYRAMOV (AZE) celebrates after defeating Muslim SAIDULAEV (RUS), 1-1 in the 65kg gold-medal bout. (Photo: Gabor Martin) 

Azerbaijan Defeats Russia Twice, Wins Pair of Golds 

Azerbaijan and Russia met twice for gold medals on Saturday night, and it was the Azeri’s who picked up a pair of titles over their Russian opponents. 

In the 65kg finals, reigning cadet world and European champion Turan BAYRAMOV (AZE) was awarded a late inactivity point and edged Muslim SAIDULAEV (RUS), 1-1. 

Bayramov continued to push the pace of the match and put his Russian opponent on the inactivity clock twice. In the opening period, Bayramov gave up a one-point step out while Saidualev was on the clock and trialed 1-0. In the second period, Bayramov’s opponent was put on the clock for a second time, but this time, the Azeri was able to get the point and closed out the 1-1 victory. 

Azerbaijan’s second champion came at 79kg when Abubakr ABAKAROV (AZE) scored an inactivity point, a stepout point, and a failed challenge as time expired, to win the gold medal with a 3-1 victory over Amkhad TASHUKHADZHIEV (RUS).

The final day of wrestling at the Junior European Championships begins on Sunday at 18:00 and can be followed live on www.unitedworldwrestling.org. 


GOLD – Russia (100 points)
SILVER – Moldova (79 points)
BRONZE – Azerbaijan (62 points)
Fourth – Turkey (60 points)
Fifth – Armenia (42 points)

GOLD -Nachyn MONGUSH (RUS) df. Ahmet DUMAN (TUR), 9-7 
BRONZE - Kamil KERYMOV (UKR) df. Niklas STECHELE (GER), 8-3 
BRONZE - Nicu CATAVEICA (MDA) df. Ioannis MARTIDIS (GRE), 7-1 

GOLD -Turan BAYRAMOV (AZE) df. Muslim SAIDULAEV (RUS), 1-1 
BRONZE - Dzianis SALAVEI (BLR) df. Stefan Ionut COMAN (ROU), 1-1 
BRONZE - Nicolai GRAHMEZ (MDA) df. Marwane Ahmed YEZZA (FRA), 11-1 

GOLD -Vasile DIACON (MDA) df. Magomed ABDULKADYROV (RUS), 8-7
BRONZE - Omer Faruk CAYIR (TUR) df. Elmar KAZIMOV (AZE), 3-2

BRONZE - Erik REINBOK (EST) df. Ilya KHAMTSOU (BLR), 11-0 
BRONZE - Arman AVAGYAN (ARM) df. Oleksandr VYSHNIAK (UKR), via injury default 

GOLD - Feyzullah AKTURK (TUR) df. Radu LEFTER (MDA), via fall 
BRONZE - Danylo STASIUK (UKR) df. Artur VEGH (HUN), 5-4 


Russia Closes Out European C’ships with Third Team Title

By Eric Olanowski

PONTEVEDRA, Spain (June 9) – Russia’s freestyle squad medaled in all ten weights classes and closed out the final day of wrestling in Spain with the Junior European team title. Russia (205 points), who also won the Greco-Roman and women’s wrestling team titles, entered the final day of wrestling with 100 points, scored an additional 105 points on Day 7, and captured the team title 89 points ahead of second place Moldova (116 points). 

Russia inserted seven wrestlers into the finals and had four wrestlers win continental golds. They had a solo champion on Day 6 and three champions on Day 7. Dmitrii Alekseevitch KUPRIN, Aslanbek SOTIEV, and Saipudin MAGOMEDOV are the three Russian’s who joined fellow countrymen Nachyn MONGUSH as freestyle European champions. 

Dmitrii Kuprin handed Russia their first Day 7 title. Kurpin continued to dominate the 74kg competition, ending the gold-medal bout in 72 seconds with an 11-0 victory over Turkey’s Abdulvasi BALTA (TUR). Kurpin outscored his four European opponents 41-2. Aslanbek Sotiev was the second Russian of the day who scored an 11-0 shutout win in the finals to capture a European title. Sotiev did so against Askhab HAMZATOV (AZE) in the 92kg finals. Their third champion was Saipudin Magomedov, who scored a pair of takedowns after trailing 2-0 to defeat Yurii IDZINSKYI (UKR), 4-2. 

Vasile DIACON’s (MDA) won the 70kg gold medal on Day 6 and helped Moldova finish in second place. (Photo: Gabor Martin) 

Moldova, led by Vasile DIACON’s (MDA) Day 6 70kg gold-medal, finished in second place with 116 points. Moldova also had a silver medalist and three bronze-medal finishers. 

Azerbaijan (115 points), who finished one point behind Moldova, had two freestyle wrestlers win European titles. Their pair of champions were Turan BAYRAMOV (AZE) and Abubakr ABAKAROV (AZE), who reached the top of the podium at 65kg and 79kg, respectively. 

Turkey (110) and Ukraine (107) rounded out the top five finishers in the freestyle team race. 


GOLD - Hrachya MARGARYAN (ARM) df. Oleksandr YEVSIEIENKO (UKR), 11-0 
BRONZE - Gamzatgadzhi KHALIDOV (HUN) df. Leomid COLESNIC (MDA), 13-3 
BRONZE - Aleksandr SABANOV (RUS) df. Hamza ALACA (TUR), 11-6

GOLD - Dmitrii Alekseevitch KUPRIN (RUS) df. Abdulvasi BALTA (TUR), 11-0 
BRONZE - Goga MAMIAURI (GEO) df. Nasib ISAYEV (AZE), 10-0 
BRONZE - Valentin BORZIN (MDA) df. Alex PEREZ CIMARRA (ESP), 6-0 

GOLD - Miriani MAISURADZE (GEO) df. Mher MARKOSYAN (ARM), 3-2 
BRONZE - Slavik NANIEV (RUS) df. Mohammad TIMORI (SWE), 10-0

GOLD - Aslanbek SOTIEV (RUS) df. Askhab HAMZATOV (AZE), 11-0
BRONZE - Ertugrul AGCA (GER) df. Aliaksei PARKHOMENKA (BLR), 6-3 
BRONZE - Bozhidar Mateev TODOROV (BUL) df. Matous VONDAL (CZE),4-4

GOLD - Saipudin MAGOMEDOV (RUS) df. Yurii IDZINSKYI (UKR), 4-2 
BRONZE - Vasil KHVISTANI (GEO) df. Mikita HORHUN (BLR), via fall 
BRONZE - Pasa Ekrem KARABULUT (TUR) df. Islam Aslangereyvic ABUEV (AZE), 4-2