Cuba Crowns 5, U.S. Bags 3 Gold in Greco for Team Honors at Pan Am Championships

By William May

FRISCO, Texas (February 28) – Cuba went 5-for-5 in the Greco-Roman gold medal finals Sunday and Oscar PINO HINDS (CUB) added an exclamation point to the close of the Pan American wrestling championships with a huge back-arching throw in the 130kg final.

Pino Hinds’ launch of Eduard SOGHOMONYAN (BRA) in the closing seconds of the tournament finale and the South American champion’s thunderous return to the mat roared that Cuba was still the regional power in Greco-Roman -- even though the American squad carted off the team trophy.

Pino Hinds, who posted three technical falls in the morning session at Dr. Pepper Arena, was patient throughout his match-up with the Armenian transplant before getting a lock around the body of Soghomonyan and arching him over for a 6-0 triumph.

Pan American Games gold medalist Yasmany LUGO CABRERA (CUB) also added a technical fall in his 98kg pairing with Luillys PEREZ MORA (VEN) to a pair of falls in the morning session for his fifth continental championships crown.

Meanwhile, the U.S. grabbed three gold medals anchored by Geordan SPEILLER’s technical fall over Luis CENTENO RODRIGUEZ (PUR) in the 75kg final. Speiller dropped the former Pan American junior runner-up to his back at 5:35 for a 10-0 victory.

With Cuba only entering six wrestlers in the Greco-Roman events, Patrick SMITH (USA) and Cheney HAIGHT (USA) secured wins in the non-Olympic weight categories to give the U.S. a 10-point margin of victory in the final team standings.

In the only head-to-head match-up between Cuba and the U.S.,  Pan American Games bronze medalist Miguel MARTINEZ PALACIOS (CUB) rapped up his fourth technical fall of the day, 8-0, over Alejandro SANCHO (USA).

On the day, Martinez Palacios outscored his four opponents, 34-0, and was never extended beyond the first period.

Cuba’s other two finalists defeated opponents from Mexico for their gold medals. Javier DUMENIGO GONZALEZ (CUB) roared from behind against Pan American Games silver medalist Ali SOTO MACIAS (MEX) for a 13-6 win at 59kg.

And, Pan American Games bronze medalist Alan VERA GARCIA (CUB) cautiously forged a 6-2 win over 2015 Pan American championships bronze medal winner Alfonzo LEYVA YEPEZ (MEX) in the 85kg finals.

With the conclusion of the championships, wrestlers who were unable to qualify for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games by finishing in the top six at last year’s world championships now shift their focus to the Pan American Olympic qualification tournament next week in Frisco.

For complete results of the champinoships, go to and click “Arena” and then “Results”.

Greco-Roman, Championship Final Pairings

59kg – Javier DUMENIGO GONZALEZ (CUB) df. Ali SOTO MACIAS (MEX), 13-6

66kg – Miguel MARTINEZ PALACIOS (CUB) df. Alejandro SANCHO (USA) by TF, 8-0, 2:05 

71kg – Patrick SMITH (USA) df. Alexis CUERU (COL), 2-2

75kg – Geordan SPEILLER (USA) df. Luis CENTENO RODRIGUEZ (PUR) by TF, 10-0, 5:35

80kg – Cheney HAIGHT (USA) df. Maximiliano PRUDENZANO (ARG), 2-0

85kg – Alan VERA GARCIA (CUB) df. Alfonso LEYVA YEPEZ (MEX), 6-2

98kg – Yasmany LUGO CABRERA (CUB) df. Luillys PEREZ MORA (VEN) by TF, 8-0, 2:44

130kg – Oscar PINO HINDS (CUB) df. Eduard SOGHOMONYAN (BRA), 6-0

Greco-Roman, Final Team Standings

1. United States, 66 points (3 gold medals, 1 silver, 3 bronze) 

2. Cuba, 56 (5-0-0)

3. Venezuela, 45 (0-1-3)

4. Mexico, 38 (0-2-1)

5. Colombia, 36 (0-1-2)

6. Brazil, 33 (0-1-0)

در تنها مبارزه‌ای رودررو که بین کوبا و آمریکا رخ داد، میگل پالاسیوس (کوبا) به چهارمین پیروزی‌اش با ضربه فنی دست یافت و هشت بر صفر آلخاندرو سانچو (آمریکا) را مغلوب کرد.


نتایج دیدارهای فینال کشتی فرنگی پان آمریکن


59 کیلوگرم: خاویر گونزالس (کوبا) 13 – علی ماسیاس (مکزیک) 6


66 کیلوگرم: میگل پالاسیوس (کوبا) 8 – آلخاندرو سانچو (آمریکا) صفر


71 کیلوگرم: پاتریک اسمیت (آمریکا) 2 برنده – الکسیس کوئرو (کلمبیا) 2


75 کیلوگرم: گردان اسپیلر (آمریکا) 10 – سنتنو رودریگس (پورتوریکو) صفر


80 کیلوگرم: کنی هیت (آمریکا) 2 – ماکسیمیلیانو پرودنزانو (آرژانتین) صفر


85 کیلوگرم: آلن گارسیا (کوبا) 6 – آلفونسو یپز (مکزیک) 2


98 کیلوگرم: یاسمانی کابررا (کوبا) 8 – لوئیلیس مورا (ونزوئلا) صفر


130 کیلوگرم: اسکار پینو هیندس (کوبا) 6 – ادوارد سوقومونیان (برزیل) صفر


رده بندی تیمی کشتی فرنگی


1. آمریکا 66 امتیاز (سه طلا، یک نقره و سه برنز)


2. کوبا 55 امتیاز (پنج طلا)


3. ونزوئلا 45 امتیاز (یک نقره و سه برنز)


4. مکزیک 38 امتیاز (دو نقره و یک برنز)


5. کلمبیا 36 امتیاز (یک نقره و دو برنز)


6. برزیل 33 امتیاز (یک نقره)