Calgary Herald: Jasmine Mian, Former Olympic Wrestler, Wins Vacated Ward 3 Seat

By United World Wrestling Press

Jasmine MIAN (CAN), a '16 Rio Olympian is switching her focus from representing Canada on the wrestling mat to representing Calgary's Ward 3 at city hall for the next four years. The Calgary Herald recently highlighted the '16 Rio Olympian's road to city council.

A political newcomer once known for representing her country will now represent the north Calgary Ward 3 at city hall for the next four years.

Mian said she had been going door to door to attract voters to her message of navigating the pandemic and continuing to support developing communities in north-central Calgary and that voters gave her a clear response.

“I think that I was given a very clear mandate by the voters of Ward 3 to run a positive campaign to collaborate with the rest of the councillors on some of the big challenges we have,” said Mian.

Mian, who represented Canada as a wrestler at the 2016 Olympics, said representing her constituents will be the honour of a lifetime. She said her first priority, once the new council is sworn in, is to continue to navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic. She noted that the most important ward-specific issues are ensuring services and infrastructure continue to grow.

Although she retired from wrestling after the '17 World Championships, Mian is still an active member of the wrestling community. Most recently, was a participant at the Women Lead Sport programme back in March/April 2021.

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Hungary Today: President Lalovic Accepts Hungarian State Award

By United World Wrestling Press

BUDAPEST, Hungary (December 2) --- On Wednesday, President Lalovic traveled to Hungary to accept the Officer’s Cross of the Order of Merit of Hungary, Civilian Division award while also signing an agreement for the Hungarian capital city to host competitions, training camps and seminars.

Nenad Lalovic, president of United World Wrestling (UWW), was presented with the Officer’s Cross of the Order of Merit of Hungary, Civilian Division on behalf of President János Áder on Wednesday in recognition of his efforts to develop and popularise wrestling in Hungary and worldwide.

At the ceremony at the Kozma István Hungarian Wrestling Academy (KIMBA), the Serbian official also signed an agreement with László Süle, the academy’s curator, on a partnership between KIMBA and the UWW in the global development of the sport. Under the agreement, KIMBA will host several international wrestling events, training camps, seminars and other types of programmes.

On Wednesday, President Lalovic accepted the Officer’s Cross of the Order of Merit of Hungary, Civilian Division award at the Kozma István Hungarian Wrestling Academy (KIMBA).

In his acceptance speech, Lalovic called the award a “great honour”, saying that whereas it was a recognition of the efforts of the past several years, the new agreement between UWW and KIMBA was about the future and a result of the joint efforts of Serbia and Hungary.

In the featured photo (from left to right): Nenad Lalovic and Szilárd Németh, president of the Hnugarian Wrestling Federation and vice president of Fidesz. Photo by Tamás Kovács/MTI

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