Burundi hosts training camp, Beach Wrestling competition

By United World Wrestling Press

MABAYI, Burundi (March 7) --- Started in November 2021, during the post-covid period, the wrestling DNSS in Burundi experienced its terminal phase during the week of February 25 through March 04, 2023.
For this phase, the United World Wrestling sent two experts, Vincent AKA, Development Officer, and Angel Pineda Rodriguez, UWW training expert, to continue to support the Burundi wrestling federation for sustainable development.

This terminal phase began with a visit to the basic structures inside the country. This is how the two experts visited the clubs in Mabayi and Gihanga. This field visit made it possible to see that the local clubs have made an effort to constitute themselves since the formal architecture submitted by the national federation, namely a president, a treasurer, and a general secretary, all with the presence of a technician who supervises the wrestlers. Conversely, the need for more infrastructure is a limiting factor for their development. However, in Gihanga, hope remains insofar as there is a young center that would suffice to restore, like Gitega, who used his youth center and converted it into a wrestling room. The youth centers represent a real opportunity for setting up wrestling clubs (with wrestling mats made locally). As Angel Pineda, an expert of Cuban origin, pointed out, "This is what is done in Cuba, where we do with the means on board to find solutions to allow our wrestlers to practice in complete safety."

During this visit of the clubs from the inside, the clubs started to build their own Beach Wrestling arena, which represents an essential pillar for development. Because everything is easy to set up, Beach wrestling requires little means. This phase also made it possible to visit the partner schools for the wrestling for young girls project.

A meeting was organized with all club presidents and coaches was held to consolidate what already exists. During this meeting, the focus was on the theme "Project of a club structure." This made it possible to explain to the various participants the steps to develop his club and to approach the project approach to develop his wrestling club. The objective is to give tools to all those who want to move forward while understanding the concept of a club project.

BRUWrestlers from Burundi sit together inside the Beach Wrestling circle. (Photo: United World Wrestling)

It was also an opportunity to take stock with the federation of the impact of the DNSS while considering the prospects.

In parallel with the training of club leaders, to allow the best wrestlers to experience high intensive training, a training camp was organized at the Olympafrica Center in Kanyosha, which has become the reference center for the training of the national wrestling team. 

Thanks to the renovation of the multipurpose hall by the Olympafrica Foundation, which allows the Burundian Wrestling Federation to bring together its best cadet, junior and senior wrestlers in Olympic wrestling. The wrestling mat donated by United World Wrestling entirely plays its role.
During this training camp, two wrestlers distinguished themselves. They are Niyonkuru Lynca GLORIA, in the junior category coming from the Gitegat club and Nishimwe YVES, also a junior from the Bururi club.

During this training camp, the two executives of the Burundian Wrestling Federation, Ntwari Patrice et Nduwayezu SILAS took advantage of the presence of the experts to deepen their notion in terms of planning, the process of training a top-level wrestler. This sharing of experience gives them the tools to continue the training and preparation of the best wrestlers in Burundi.

The Burundian wrestling federation organized a Beach Wrestling tournament to end this week full of activities in style. The presence of national television made it possible to enhance this event's scope and promote beach wrestling, which has tremendous opportunities ahead of it.

Finally, the President of the Burundian National Olympic Committee, Mrs. Lydia NSEKERA, really appreciated the DNSS of wrestling and added, "We will use the DNSS of wrestling as an example for the DNSS of other Sports." 

Ella also mentioned the involvement of United World Wrestling in the development of wrestling through the vision of its President, Nenad Lalovic, to keep wrestling in the Olympic fold. "Today, wrestling is one of the Olympic disciplines which is involved in its development through its development programs and this can be seen on the ground," said Nsekera.


Wrestling is back in force in Thailand

By United World Wrestling Press

CHIANG MAI, Thailand (March 27) --- Following the visit by Ms. Deqa NIAMKEY, Director of the Development Department, President Nenad LALOVIC commissioned the return of wrestling to Thailand both nationally and internationally. The answer came from the Thai National Olympic Committee, which made it possible to revive wrestling. 

The Thai National Olympic Committee allowed the organization of an Olympic Solidarity course in collaboration with United World Wrestling to jointly deliver a UWW Level 1 Coaching, Training and Introduction to Refereeing course.

Thirty participants, including coaches, referees and seven federal staff members, were present for this training. Mr. VUISIT TANGVARITHRON, President of the Thai Wrestling Association, also made the trip to the city of the Lanna Empire, Chiangmai.

refReferees work together during the Introduction to Refereeing course. (Photo: United World Wrestling)

For this revival of wrestling in Thailand, United World Wrestling sent three trainers: Vincent AKA, UWW development officer, Ashok KUMAR, UWW educator, and Komeil GHASEMI, Olympic champion. 

The opening ceremony welcomed the presence of Mr. PREM Vathabunditkul, Vice-president of the Thai Wrestling Association. He set the scene by emphasizing the Association's objective to train new coaches and referees. 

Mr. Narin Sangsrichan, Vice-president of University Sports in Thailand, set the course by saying, "Chiang Mai Sports University and the Thai Wrestling Association, let's house this camp for you and welcome new coaches to achieve national excellence."

The Thai wrestling Association requested Level II training. However, given the level of the participants, it was agreed to start with a Level I course to establish a solid foundation in terms of technical and pedagogical skills for these coaches. However, a Level II course will be organized in 2023 with the same participants. 

VincentVincent AKA presents development programs to the Thai Wrestling Association. (Photo: United World Wrestling)

Vincent Aka took the opportunity to present to the President of the Thai Wrestling Association all of United World Wrestling's development programs. He also gave the Olympic Solidarity programs accessible to National Federations through their National Olympic Committees.

The President of the Thai Wrestling Association was very satisfied with this course and is already looking to the future by thinking of two programs that can help develop the Thai Wrestling Association. 

Mr. Pattaya Charlie, a member of the Association, reinforced the general satisfaction. During the closing ceremony, he said, "In the name of Chiang Mai Sports University, we would like to thank United World Wrestling for sending us a talented team of educators. On this occasion, we learned new techniques, the evolution of the rules, and new teaching methods based on the fundamentals of wrestling to train our new coaches and referees."

Speaking of his contribution to the success of this camp, Komeil Ghasemi noted his pride and enthusiasm to bring his stone to the wrestling family. "I am thrilled to share my experience and my expertise with all the participants. UWW remains committed to its affiliated members and is always concerned for their development and is committed to working with all the partners concerned towards this objective of sustainable development while keeping the course of the 2022-2026 strategy."