Beach Wrestling Rules Adjusted, Tournaments Announced

By United World Wrestling Press

United World Wrestling today announced updated Rules and Regulations for the discipline of Beach Wrestling. The modifications of the rules comes after several years of tournaments and a desire to ensure fair competition which highlights technique and awards wrestling actions.

The most significant changes include:

  • First wrestler to THREE points is declared the winner
  • One point for a takedown or pushout, and two points for takedowns with back exposure
  • One 3-minute period with no overtime
  • Criteria for match tied during regulation: 1. Highest value action 2. Last to score
  • Wrestling surface is increased from 6m in diameter to 7m in diameter

The current Beach Wrestling calendar includes World Beach Wrestling Festival June 10-12; the Pan-American Beach Wrestling Championships, June 22-23 in Cartagena, Colombia; and the 2015 Beach Mediterranean Games organized in Pescara (ITA) which begin in late August.