World Cups: Greco Roman, Freestyle, Women’s

World Cups constitute United World Wrestling’s on

ly team events. There are three types of World Cups organised every year (except the Olympic Year): 

  • Men’s Greco-Roman
  • Men’s Freestyle
  • Women’s Wrestling (Freestyle)

Each World Cup is a thrilling event that brings a lot of athletes, participants and spectators to your city!

Event summary:

Rights Income from Advertising rights Income from ticket sales Income from accommodation fees TV production covered by United World Wrestling
Obligations &
Venue capacity
Min. 5’000 seats
Organisation fee
CHF 118’000,- (including a prize money of CHF 100'000.-)
Inspection visit costs (2-3 per Championships)
travel (business class) & accommodation 1-3 delegates

Travel costs
7 officials

Accommodation costs
31 officials and staff, 6 participating teams
Representation fees
7 officials, CHF 100,- per day