Senior World Championships

As one of the oldest Olympic sports dating back no less than 500 years, wrestling is also one of the most globalised. The flagship event of United World Wrestling brings together athletes from all around the world showcasing three wrestling disciplines: Freestyle Wrestling, Women's Wrestling and Greco-Roman Wrestling.

For the Senior World Championships the host city needs to have the following venues: 

  • Competition venue
    • space for minimum 4 mats (mat:12x12m) – approx. 2’000m2
    • 5,000 seats.
    • warm up hall with 4 mats – approx. 300-600m2
  • Training venues
    • 1 training hall that correspond to the number of participants
    • equipped with 6 homologates mats of 12m x 12m, changing rooms, saunas showers and scales 
  • Congress or Board meeting venue
    • A room for approx. 200 people equipped for simultaneous translations (required in even years only)
    • Min. 2 additional meeting rooms

Event summary:

Rights Income from Advertising rights Income from ticket sales Income from accommodation fees TV production covered by United World Wrestling
Obligations & Requirements Venue capacity
Min. 5’000 seats
Hosting fee
CHF 2’500’000,-
Inspection visit costs (2-3 per Championships)
travel (business class) & accommodation 5-7 delegates
Travel costs
up to 10 officials
Accommodation costs
up to 50 officials and staff
Representation fees
10 officials, CHF 100,- per day