March 13 - 17, 2023     Thailand • Chiang Mai

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Technical Course for Coaches Level 2 (OS)

Educators:  Vincent Aka (FRA/CIV) 

Level 2 - Introduction to Practice Planning

Dates:  13-17/03/2023

Language: English (with translation in Thai)

Course general info:  Thailand is starting to improve their training of coaches to help improve wrestling in their federation. They have coaches who have acquired the basic skills and now are looking to improve to the next step.  The plan will be to conduct a Level 2 course on the Introduction to Practice Planning.  This will provide their coaches with the foundation on how to design effective training sessions for their wrestlers.  The course will be conducted by Mr. Vincent Aka (CIV/FRA).  Mr. Aka has done training sessions in Southeast Asia and is very familiar with the THA Wrestling Federation.  He has great experience conducting this course and brings great experience as a former wrestler and coach.  Mr. Aka is a 3x Olympian from France.  He was also a national coach for French Wrestling Federation.  Mr. Aka currently works as a development officer and educator trainer for United World Wrestling.  In addition to the coaching course, Mr. Ashok Kumar (IS Referee and UWW Educator) will provide a referee module to help develop the referees and coaches in the country.   It is important for the growth of the federation to have a collaborative group of referees and coaches.  During the course, there will be designed sessions for both groups to work together.  

The Olympic Gold medalist Komeil Ghasemi (IRI) will also join this course as a guest expert to share his knowledge with the local Thai participants.


Coaching Course Schedule 

Coaching course schedule THA

This course is open to Thai coaches only. Contact Thai Wrestling Association at for detailed information.