June 26 - 30, 2023     Norway • Oslo

Educational program   •   Coaches

Technical Course for Coaches Level 1 (OS)

Dates: 26-30 June 2023

Venue: Lambertseter Wrestling Club, Oslo

Educators:  Keith Sieracki (USA) and Vaclav Scheiner (CZE)

Dates:  26-30/06/2023

Course general info:  The course will also be done in conjunction with a training camp.  This will allow those coaches to directly apply the skills that they are learning in the course. During the course, the participants will be working with the coaching expert, Keith Sieracki (USA).  Mr. Sieracki is a former USA Wrestling Greco-Roman world team member and has been a successful FS/GR coach for the past 17 years.  He is a great fit for the course because he has a high-level Greco-Roman background and made the transition to coaching Freestyle.  This will be the same situation for many of the participants that will be in the course. In addition to the coaching course, Vaclav Scheiner (CZE) will provide a referee module to help develop the referees and coaches in the country.   Mr. Scheiner is a category IS referee and has participated in 3 Olympic Games.  He will be able to provide knowledge on the wrestling rules and how those could be used in training.  He will also be working directly with the referees to help develop their skills to become successful referees.  

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