May 21 - 26, 2023     Kuwait • Kuwait City

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Technical Course for Coaches Level 1 (OS)

Educators:  Mohamed Abdelfattah (EGY) and Kamel Bouaziz (TUN)
Dates:  21-26/05/2023
Language: Arab and English 

Course general info: With the support of the Kuwait Olympic Committee, an Olympic Solidarity funded Technical Course for Coaches Level 1 will be conducted from the 21st to the 26th of May 2023.

The Level 1 course is centred on Introduction to Coaching and Safety.  This will provide participating coaches with the foundation on how to coach.  During this, the participants will also have a chance to work with the coach educator, Mohamed Abdelfattah on developing their Greco-Roman and freestyle wrestling technical skills.  Mr. Abdelfattah is a 3x Greco-Roman Olympian and former World Champion.  He has experience coaching the national team for USA Wrestling and is currently coaching at the University of North Carolina.  

In addition to the coaching course, Mr. Kamel Bouaziz (Vice-President of the UWW Referee Commission and the Resident of the Arab Wrestling Committee) will provide a referee module to help develop the referees and coaches in the country.   

It is important for the growth of the federation to have a collaborative group of referees and coaches.  On the final day, a small national competition will be organized to offer the participants a chance to practice what they have learnt in the course.  

This course opens to Kuwaiti coaches and coaches who resides in Kuwait. Contact [email protected] for more information.