Rights of the organiser

United World Wrestling grants the organiser the following commercial rights and other benefits for all events. 

Ticket sales
The organiser will receive all income generated from ticket sales.

Advertising rights

United World Wrestling reserves fifty percent (50%) of the advertising rights for the organiser, as a way to create a partnership between the organiser and United World Wrestling. The organiser keeps all revenues that arise from the advertising sales within its own control.

Advertising areas include: 

  • In-venue advertising
  • Posters and all types of urban advertising
  • Tickets
  • Programmes, etc.
  • All the space around the building

Accommodation fees
The organiser will receive an accommodation fee from each participating wrestler of a maximum amount of CHF 180.- per night and per person to cover their accommodation and boarding. This amount applies from two days before the competition until one day after the end of the competition. This fee is not granted for the World Cup.

As part of its partnership with the host city, in addition to granting the above mentioned rights, United World Wrestling provides the organiser with the following services to assist with the organisation of the event:

  • The participants’ inscription and accreditation;
  • Accreditation for the broadcasters, TV staff, journalists and photographers;
  • The organisation and the running of the competition secretariat, timing, point scoring, video control of the matches, TV coordination, database, press releases, and updates on the United World Wrestling website;
  • Travelling expenses for the video/database team, competition secretariat, photographer, TV responsible.