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Athlete’s main obligations*

Strict Liability: means that athletes are ultimately responsible for any substances found in their body; when a prohibited substance is found in an athlete’s body, an Anti-doping Rules is declared, whether or not the athlete intentionally or unintentionally used a prohibited substance or was negligent or otherwise at fault.

Wrestlers must therefore ensure that no prohibited substance enters his/her body and that no prohibited method is used.

Availability for testing: any wrestler may be tested by UWW at any time and must be available for sample collection (urine or blood), whether in-competition or out-of-competition.

Cooperation: after being notified for a doping control, wrestlers must report immediately for sample collection and cooperate with the doping control officers. The athlete must remain within direct observation of the Doping Control Officer (DCO) or chaperone at all times from when the initial contact is made until the completion of the sample collection procedure.

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Doping Control process

Click here to watch a video on the doping control process.


What are your rights and responsibilities as an athlete when notified of a doping test?

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UWW’s Registered Testing Pool (RTP)

The UWW Registered Testing Pool is a list of wrestlers selected for out-of-competition testing throughout the year. It is composed of the best wrestlers of the moment selected among world and continental medallists or on other criteria as determined by UWW. UWW also coordinates with National Anti-doping organizations to avoid that a wrestler is simultaneously included in two RTP (national and international).

Responsibilities of wrestlers included in the RTP are:

1. Provide accurate whereabouts for each day of the quarter in ADAMS.

  • Training location & time
  • Regular activities (if no training)
  • Daily residence
  • Competitions (competition venue + hotel)
  • 60-minutes period per day of availibility for testing at a location (for example: from 7h to 8h at home, or from 14h to 15h at the gym, etc…)

2. Be available for a test at the places indicated in the whereabouts!

CLICK HERE for to know more about your whereabouts responsibilities!


Retirement & Return to Competition policy

Any wrestler included in the registered testing pool who wishes to retire shall immediately inform United World Wrestling and WADA. 

It is reminded that any retired wrestler who wishes to return to competition shall announce it to UWW at least six (6) months before and be available for doping tests during this period (article 5.7 of the Anti-doping rules 2015). 


Risks of nutritional supplements

Extreme caution is recommended regarding supplement use. A number of positive tests have been attributed to the misuse of supplements, poor labeling or contamination of dietary supplements.

The use of dietary supplements by athletes is a concern because in many countries the manufacturing and labeling of supplements may not follow strict rules, which may lead to a supplement containing an undeclared substance that is prohibited under anti-doping regulations. Taking a poorly labeled dietary supplement is not an adequate defense in a doping hearing. 

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