LIVE BLOG: Henri Deglane Grand Prix of France (Day One)

By Eric Olanowski

The 2021 calendar is officially underway, as action at the 47th Annual Henri Deglane Grand Prix of France kicked off in Nice, France. Women's wrestling takes center stage and is highlighted by Rio Olympic champion Helena MAROULIS (USA) and reigning world champions Jacarra WINCHESTER (USA) and Tamayra MENSAH-STOCK (USA).

6:10: That'll do it  for today's coverage of the  Henri Deglane Grand Prix of France. Freestyle actions kicks off on Saturday at 10:00am (local time) and can be followed live on www.unitedworldwrestling.org.

Final Results:
50kg: Sarah HILDEBRANDT (USA) df. Evin DEMIRHAN (TUR), 13-2
53kg: Sofia MATTSSON (SWE) df. Jacarra WINCHESTER (USA), 8-4
57kg: Helen MAROULIS (USA) dfLaura MERTENS (GER), 4-1
62kg: .Kayla MIRACLE (USA) df. Macey KILTY (USA), 8-2
68kg: Tamyra MENSAH STOCK (USA) df. Forrest MOLINARI (USA), 6-1
76kg: Martina KUENZ (AUT) df. Pauline LECARPENTIER (FRA), 8-2

6:04: What a way start her year! Rio Olympic bronze medalist Sofia Mattsson grabbed arguably her biggest win since returning to competition after have her baby. She defeated reigning world champion Jacarra Winchester, 8-4, and is leaving France with the 53kg gold.

5:57: In a battle of world medalist, Sarah HILDEBRANDT (USA) handled Evin DEMIRHAN (TUR), 13-2, in the 50kg finals. This is the American's second gold medal down at 50kg. She also claimed gold at last year's first Ranking Series event, the Matteo Pellicone. 

5:53: A five-point second period helped reigning world champion Mensah-Stock grab the 68kg gold medal over Molinari. The final score of the gold-medal match was 6-1.

5:50: World bronze medalist Martina KUENZ (AUT) claimed her first international gold at 76kg with a dominant 8-2 win over Pauline LECARPENTIER (FRA).

5:49: Molinari is holding her own against the reigning world champion. She's heading into the final three minutes down by one point. 

5:45: in the second all-American final of the night, world champion Tamayra MENSAH STOCK (USA) will go toe-to-toe with Forrest MOLINARI (USA) for the 68kg gold.

5:44: In the all-American final at 62kg, Kayla MIRACLE (USA) downed Macey KILTY (USA), 8-2.

5:40: Maroulis closes out a magical day with the 57kg gold medal after cruising past Laura MERTENS (GER) , 4-1. In total, Maroulis outscored her four opponents 40-1 on her way to the Henri Deglane Grand Prix of France title.

5:31: The finals are about to begin. We'll kick things off with the 57kg finals where Olympic champion Helen Maroulis will wrestle Laura MERTENS (GER).

Reigning world champion Jacarra WINCHESTER (USA) awaits her finals match against Rio Olympic bronze medalist Sofia MATTSSON (SWE). (Photo: Kadir Caliskan)

4:21: The final matchups are set and I'm struggling to pick my favorite match. Here's a quick rundown of why it's difficult to pick just one!

At 50kg, it'll be world silver medalist Sarah HILDEBRANDT (USA) taking on world bronze medalist Evin DEMIRHAN (TUR). 

In the 53kg finals, reigning 55kg world champion Jacarra WINCHESTER (USA) will square off with six-time world and Rio Olympic bronze medalist Sofia MATTSSON (SWE).

Olympic champion Helen MAROULIS (USA) has outscored her three opponents 36-0 and will wrestle Laura MERTENS (GER) for the 57kg gold.

it'll be an all-American final at 62kg and 68kg. Macey KILTY (USA) will take onKayla MIRACLE (USA) in the 62kg finals, while reigning world champion Tamyra MENSAH STOCK (USA) will go toe-to-toe with Forrest MOLINARI (USA).

Finally, we'll see world bronze medalist Martina KUENZ (AUT) wrestle Pauline LECARPENTIER (FRA) in the gold-medal match at 76kg.

Final Matchups:
53kg: Jacarra WINCHESTER (USA) vs. Sofia MATTSSON (SWE)
57kg: Helen MAROULIS (USA) vs. Laura MERTENS (GER)
62kg: Macey KILTY (USA) vs.Kayla MIRACLE (USA) 
68kg: Forrest MOLINARI (USA) vs. Tamyra MENSAH STOCK (USA)
76kg: Martina KUENZ (AUT) vs. Pauline LECARPENTIER (FRA)

3:41: It'll be an all-American gold-medal match at 68kg. Mensah and Forrest MOLINARI both claimed victories in their semifinal matches and will meet for gold later tonight. 

3:19: Rising star Macey KILTY (USA) scored the upset of the day thus far.  She defeated '14 world champion Yulia TKACH (UKR), 4-1.

3:01: Olympic champion Maroulis is wrestling on another level today! She moved into the semifinals with her second 13-0 victory of the day. Maroulis has now outscored her three opponents 36-0 en route to the 57kg finals. 

3:00: The semifinals are underway!

Rio Olympic bronze medalist Sofia MATTSSON (SWE) will take on reigning world champion Jacarra WINCHESTER (USA) in the 53kg finals. (Photo: Kadir Caliskan)

2:03: The semifinals are set! USA leads the way heading into the semifinals after having nine wrestlers competing for a spot in the finals. Meanwhile, Germany has eight wrestlers in the semifinals, while Argentina, Austria, France, Italy, Sweden, Turkey and Ukraine all have at least one wrestler looking for a finals berth.







Martina KUENZ (AUT) moved into the semifinals with a 4-3 win over fellow world bronze medalist Epp MAE (EST). (Gabor Martin)

1:24: What a win! Kuenz secured her spot in the 76kg semifinals with a one-point "upset" win over reigning world bronze medalist, Mae.

1:15: HERE WE GO! I'm excited for this match. It'll be world bronze medalists Epp Mae and Martina Kuenz who are wrestling on Mat B.

1:11: Mattsson moves into the 53kg semifinals with an 8-0 shutout win over Hemmer. She's outscored her first two opponents, 18-0, and is one match away from earning a finals berth.

1:05: Olympic bronze medalist Mattsson is taking on Germany's Nina HEMMER on Mat A.The winner moves into the semifinals.

12:45: Mensah followed up her :20 second opening-round win with a 10-0 victory over Nesrin BAS (TUR). She'll wrestle the winner from Bout 34 in tonight's semifinals.  

12:32: World bronze medalists Epp MAE (EST) and Martina KUENZ (AUT) will square off on Mat B in five matches.

Olympic champion Helen MAROULIS (USA) has outscored her Henri DEGLANE opponents, 23-0. (Photo: Kadir Caliskan)

12:21: Olympic champion Maroulis keeps things rolling and improves to 2-0 on the day. After her 10-0 shutout win over Elena BRUGGER (GER), she's outscored her first two opponents 23-0.

11:57: World bronze medalist Demirhan trailed 3-0, but put four points on the board and defeated Amy FEARNSIDE (USA), 4-4. Until that Fearnside loss, USA was a perfect 9-0 on day.

11:48: Ukraine's '14 world champion Yulia TKACH is coming up in four matches on Mat B.

11:43: Winchester leads Pul, 8-2, but the match was briefly stopped as the American showed the ref her left arm -- allegedly showing a bite mark. No points were awarded as Winchester closed out the match with the 10-2 victory.

11:40: World bronze medalist Evin DEMIRHAN (TUR) is coming up next on Mat B. 

11:38: Pul is holding her own against Winchester over on Mat B. The Turkish wrestlers leads the reigning world champion, 2-2, heading into the break. Each wrestler scored a takedown in the opening period. 

11:29: And we're back! World champion Winchester is making her second appearance down at 53kg after winning world gold in Nur-Sultan down at 55kg -- which is a non Olympic weight class.

11:26: I'm not sure what the hold up is on Mat A, but I think it has something to do with the mat surface. They have been mopping the mat for what feels like 10 minutes. Winchester and Pul are waiting mat-side. They both just put their sweatshirts back on and are trying to stay warm.

Jacarra WINCHESTER (USA) warms up for the opening day of wrestling at the Henri Deglane Grand Prix of France. (Photo: Kadir Caliskan)

11:15: Reigning world champion Jacarra WINCHESTER (USA) is coming up next on Mat A against Esra PUL (TUR).

11:05: Mattsson looked sharp in her first match of the year. She scored a pair of takedowns and three guts and moved into the 53kg quarterfinals with a 10-0 win over Schelder.

10:50: Six-time world and Rio Olympic bronze medalist Sofia MATTSSON (SWE) is coming up on Mat B in two matches. She'll take on Austria's Florine SCHELDER.

10:46: Team USA is rolling early. Lauren LOUIVE (USA) picked up a victory against Arianna CARIERI (ITA) over on Mat B -- extending USA's record to 6-0 in this morning's session. 

10:38: Reigning world champion Tamayra MENSAH-STOCK (USA) kicked off her day with a :20 second fall over Laura GODINO (ITA). She scored an early takedown off a head inside single, then threw Godino to her back for the quick fall.


LIVE BLOG: Henri Deglane Grand Prix of France (Day Three)

By Eric Olanowski

The third day of wrestling at the #WrestleNice Henri Deglane Grand Prix of France is headlined by Nugzari TSURTSUMIA (GEO), the reigning world champion at 55g. 

WATCH: Henri Deglane Grand Prix of France 

Match Order + Brackets

4:22: What a way to kick off the '21 season! That'll do it for our coverage of the  Henri Deglane Grand Prix of France. Until next time, wrestling fans!

Greco-Roman Gold-Medal Match Results:
55kg: Serif KILIC (TUR) df. Elcin ALI (TUR), 4-3
60kg: Kerem KAMAL (TUR) df. Murad MAMMADOV (AZE), 4-0
63kg: Abdurahman ALTAN (TUR) df. Mehmet CEKER (TUR), 5-3
67kg: Mamadassa SYLLA (FRA) df. Gagik SNJOYAN (FRA), via default
72kg: Selcuk CAN (TUR) df. Ibrahim GHANEM (FRA), 3-3
77kg: Fatih CENGIZ (TUR) df. Yunus BASAR (TUR), 8-0
82kg: Emrah KUS (TUR) df. Rafiq HUSEYNOV (AZE), 1-1
87kg: Islam ABBASOV (AZE) df. Metehan BASAR (TUR), 8-4
97kg: Giorgi MELIA (GEO) df. Murad LOKIAEV (AZE), via inj. default
130kg: Yasmani ACOSTA (CHI) df. Sabah SHARIATI (AZE), 3-1

Kerem KAMAL (TUR) was one of six Turkish wrestlers to claimed #WrestleNice gold. He claimed his gold at 60kg. (Photo: Kadir Caliskan)

4:15: Kerem KAMAL (TUR) scored an open-period four-point throw and defeated Murad MAMMADOV (AZE), 4-0, in the 60kg gold-medal match. Kamal's win gave Turkey their sixth gold medal of the night.

4:00: That's how it'll end. After a scoreless second period, Abbasov upsets two-time world champion Basar, 8-4, for the 87kg crown.

3:56: Islam ABBASOV (AZE) leads two-time world champion Metehan BASAR (TUR), 8-4, at the break!

3:50: Fatih CENGIZ (TUR) cruised to the 77kg title with an 8-0 shutout win over Yunus BASAR (TUR). 

3:43: In the battle of world silver medalists, Emrah KUS (TUR) edged Rafiq HUSEYNOV (AZE), 1-1, in the 82kg finals. 

3:40: Mamadassa SYLLA (FRA) was awarded the 67kg after Gagik SNJOYAN (FRA) defaulted out of the gold-medal match. 

3:35: These guys came to scrap! In the action-packed 63kg finals, Abdurahman ALTAN (TUR) edged Mehmet CEKER (TUR), 5-3, and claimed Turkey's second gold of the night.

3:21: Next up will be Mehmet CEKER (TUR) and Abdurahman ALTAN (TUR), who are wrestling for the 63kg gold.

3:16: What a way to kick off the finals! Serif KILIC (TUR) dug deep and fought off a late flurry of attacks and defeated  Elcin ALI (TUR), 4-3, in the 55kg finals. He led 4-0, but gave up three unanswered points before ultimately winning gold with the one-point victory.

3:13: How about the day that the Turkish Greco-Roman team is having. Of the six non-Nordic-style bracket finals, Turkish wrestlers occupy 7/12 gold-medal spots. 

3:10: Tune in to Mat A for the Greco-Roman finals!

2:53: We're keeping things rolling! The first medal matches are underway on Mat A, while the remaining semifinals are wrapping up on Mat B.

2:36: Basar has his dancing partner for tonight's 87kg finals. The two-time world champion will battle two-time U23 world bronze medalist Islam ABBASOV (AZE) in the gold-medal match. The Azeri shutout USA's John STEFANOWICZ, 6-0, in their semifinal meeting. 

Two-time world champion Metehan BASAR (TUR) will wrestle for 87kg gold on Sunday night. (Photo: Kadir Caliskan)

2:29: It wasn't anything special but Basar got the job done and moved into the 87kg final with a 3-1 win over Zaleski.

2:21: Two-time world champion Metehan BASAR (TUR) is making his way to Mat B for his semifinals meeting with Terrence ZALESKI (USA). 

The semifinals are ongoing, so as they wrap up and the finals berths are locked in, I'll continue to update the list below! 

Sunday Night’s Final Matches
55kg: Serif KILIC (TUR) vs. Elcin ALI (TUR)
60kg: -- Nordic Style Bracket -- 
63kg: Mehmet CEKER (TUR) vs. Abdurahman ALTAN (TUR)
67kg: Gagik SNJOYAN (FRA) vs. Mamadassa SYLLA (FRA)
72kg: -- Nordic Style Bracket -- 
77kg: Fatih CENGIZ (TUR) vs. Yunus EMRE BASAR (TUR)
82kg: -- Nordic Style Bracket -- 
87kg: Metehan BASAR (TUR) vs. Islam ABBASOV (AZE) 
97kg: Murad LOKIAEV (AZE) vs. Giorgi MELIA (GEO)
130kg: -- Nordic Style Bracket -- 

1:38: Semifinal matches are starting to get called to the mats. Yunus BASAR  (TUR) and Johnny BUR (FRA), who are wrestling for a 77kg finals berth, are the first semifinal match that we'll see,

1:05; Bout 33 on Mat B should be a good one. Acosta will face Rio Olympic bronze medalist Sabah SHARIATI (AZE). 

12:41: World runner-up Rafiq HUSEYNOV (AZE0 and Individual World Cup runner-up Salih AYDIN (RU) are up next on Mat A. That match is at 82kg.

12:08: The quarterfinals matches are started to come on the match order chart.


11:28: Chile's first-ever world medalist Yasmani ACOSTA is set to take on Sulkhani BUIDZE (GEO) at 130kg. That match will be Bout 19 on Mat B. 

11:23: Kamal leads Albert BAGUMYAN (ESP), 7-0, after the opening period. An inactivity, followed by a two-point gut and a four-point throw gives Kamal the 7-0 advantage. Kamal scored a takedown from a high-hip shot and won the match, 9-0.

11:19: We had a short wait for Kamal to get to the mat, then the mats needed to be cleaned. We should be good now! Either way, Kamal is wrestling now on Mat B.

11:09: Turkey has a few heavy hitters coming up. We'll see world silver medalist Emrah KUS wrestle in Bout 16, and on Mat B, one of my personal favorites, Kerem KAMAL, will wrestle in Bout 14.

10:58: Tsurtsumia is rolling in his first match. He's up 7-0 heading into the second period and hasn't been tested yet in his opening-round match. He closed out the match with an early second-period takedown and earned a spot in tonight's 55kg semifinals.

10:33: Reigning world champion Nugzari Tsurtsumia is coming up shortly on Mat A. He'll be up in five matches (Bout 10)  on Mat A. 

10:17: Selcuk CAN (TUR), the reigning European bronze medalist, is looking for his third consecutive medal finish. Last year, he finished the Matteo Pellicone, European Championships and Zagrebb Open with a silver and two bronze medals, respectively. He's coming up on Mat A. 

10:10: Let's get things rolling. The third and final day of wrestling is underway and we'll start our day by watching two-time U23 world bronze medalist Islam ABBASOV (AZE). He'll wrestle Gurami KHETSURIANI (GEO) in Bout 8 on Mat B,